Synonyms for Proof:


resistant (adjective)
resistive, insusceptible, unsusceptible.


alcoholism, cheers, alcoholics anonymous, delirium tremens, aa, dependence, abuse, designated driver, binge drinking, Al-Anon. append, compress, cut down, bowdlerize, adapt, attempt, condense, delete, assay, dramatize, censor. innocuous, safe, protective, revise, controllable, pull, secure, slip, sound, avoidable, preventable, harmless. suggestion, warrant, sign, testament, mark, testimonial, pointer, true, the color of someone's money, smoking gun. cut, edit, editorial, authorship, bestselling, creative writing, authorial, pen name, ground, wherefore, argument, censorship, reason, why, pagination. protect, save, essay, defend, tryout, shelter, guard, safeguard, investigate, shield, watch over, keep (a) watch, stand up for. insusceptible, impervious, resistive, resistant, resist, unsusceptible, immune. credentials (noun)
demonstration (noun)
evidence (noun)
establishment, attestation, observation, data, authentication, exhibit, validation, quotation, support, corroboration, specimen, information, certification, counter-evidence, confirmation, statement, connotation, testimony, substantiation, illustration, declaration, documentation, deposition, exemplification, indication.
evidence, authentication (noun)
data, demonstration, case, smoking gun, certification, exhibit, grounds, wherefore, argument, why, criterion, verification, testament, trace, information, warrant, attestation, establishment, deposition, facts, substantiation, record, credentials, reason, testimony, affidavit, witness, validation, confirmation, corroboration.
experience (noun)
experiment (noun)
experiment, test, determination, investigation, analysis, probe, benchmark, research, verification, trial.
manifestation (noun)
exhibition, embodiment, revelation, display, appearance, incarnation, disclosure, evidence, symptom, exposure, manifestation, staging, expression, showing, discernibility, materialization, presentation, demonstration, unfolding.
measure (noun)
photographic print (noun)
revise, pull, trial, slip.
reason (noun)
truth (noun)
definiteness, gospel, authenticity, absoluteness, truth, honesty, axiom, fact, certainty, rightness, veracity, matter-of-factness, verity.

Other synonyms:

suggestion, resistive, smoking gun, unsusceptible. immune, trace, tryout, argument, pointer, testimonial, assay, why, resistant. warrant, case, sign, wherefore, insusceptible. essay. mark. ground. reason. basis
Other relevant words:
delete, insusceptible, defend, grounds, witness, argument, avoidable, trace, editorial, aa, dependence, alcoholism, safe, adapt, edit, controllable, warrant, why, attempt, shield, credentials, reason, pagination, record, pointer, protective, dramatize, append, pull, resistive, sign, preventable, facts, innocuous, immune, condense, criterion, bowdlerize, resistant, revise, unsusceptible, shelter, mark, tryout, smoking gun, investigate, testimonial, harmless, wherefore, safeguard, impervious, guard, bestselling, ground, slip, resist, Al-Anon, sound, authorial, protect, censor, case, suggestion, cheers, abuse, assay, authorship, essay, cut, censorship, affidavit, secure, save, true, testament, compress.

Usage examples for proof

  1. " You have no proof – The Woman of Mystery by Maurice Leblanc
  2. The proof is against you! – Boy Scouts in Mexico; or On Guard with Uncle Sam by G. Harvey Ralphson
  3. " Proof o' the puddin's in the eatin', sir," said the sailor. – The Black Bar by George Manville Fenn