Synonyms for Temperate:


calm, moderate (adjective)
gentle, soft, restrained, sober, conservative, cool, balmy, discreet, regulated, equable, medium, reasonable, mild, modest, warm, composed, fair.
controlled, sober (adjective)
continent, abstemious, moderate, abstinent.
hot (adjective)
hot, feverish, tropical, glowing, roasting, scalding, fiery, scorching, baking, warm, torrid, sweltering, Searing, burning, broiling.
moderate (adjective)
innocuous, subdued, pacific, soothing, gentle, alleviated, calm, relaxed, composed, cool, tranquil, moderate, quiet, restrained, easy, soft.
sober (adjective)
abstinent, dry, moderate, teetotaling, sober, restrained.
temperate (adjective)
moderate, Sober-minded, conservative, sober, self-denying, abstinent, Abnegating, prudent, self-depriving, restrained, frugal, austere, ascetic.


classy, babyish, addictive, flawed, constitutionally, flexible, badass, Clingy, born, adaptive. articulate, Caged, aquatic, fair, captive, amphibious, medium, asexual, best-of-breed, balmy, arboreal, anthropoid, androgynous. meteorology, continent, restraint, weather forecast, zone, spell, weather, barometer, climate, seasonal, climatic. modest, big, reasonable, edge. plain, discreet. temperate (noun)
light, abstemious, mild, equable, restrained, moderate.


moderate (verb)
fair, regulated, reasonable.

Other synonyms:

weather forecast, fair, zone, meteorology, climatic. reasonable, barometer, seasonal, continent. discreet, climate. weather. spell. modest. Other relevant words:
climatic, balmy, continent, best-of-breed, classy, mild, constitutionally, spell, medium, regulated, articulate, reasonable, climate, amphibious, androgynous, flawed, big, fair, plain, restraint, asexual, edge, babyish, modest, Clingy, light, meteorology, adaptive, badass, zone, discreet, born, anthropoid, abstemious, seasonal, arboreal, addictive, captive, barometer, weather, Caged, flexible, aquatic, equable.

Usage examples for temperate

  1. Now then, gentlemen, do you take a little; don't be afraid; there's nothing you mayn't do in this climate, only be temperate and don't check the perspiration. – Newton Forster by Frederick Marryat
  2. 4. She should be amiable, temperate and should sense her responsibility. – The Mother and Her Child by William S. Sadler Lena K. Sadler
  3. The climate is excellent, the air pure and healthy, neither too cool nor too hot, and well calculated for the products of a temperate climate, as well as many of tropical. – Journal of a Trip to California by the Overland Route Across the Plains in 1850-51 by E. S. (Eleazer Stillman) Ingalls