Synonyms for Wrecked:


destroyed (adjective)
smashed, shattered, ravaged, broken, torn down, demolished, dismantled, junked, ruined.
intoxicated (adjective)
wasted, inebriated.
stranded (adjective)
on the rocks.


shattered, knocked to pieces, out of order, Capsized, shipwrecked, gone to pot, stranded, shot, on the rocks, kaput, down, Grounded, junked, Trashed, Scuttled, snafu, flawed, faulty, bumsquabbled, apart, blown to bits, beached, battered, shot to hell, broken. drunk (noun)
intoxicated, hard-drinking, blitzed, inebriated, alcoholic, hungover, Hammered.
tired (noun)
fatigued, dozy, exhausted, drowsy, sleepy, tired, run down, all in, on your last legs, weary.


damaged (verb)
ravaged, Depredated, vandalized, ransacked, ruined, damaged, wasted, pillaged, despoiled, rent, marred, spoiled, wreaked havoc.
destroyed (verb)
smashed, ripped to shreds, mowed down, Leveled, Disintegrated, destroyed, torn down, razed, exterminated, Bulldozed, vaporized, atomized, tore down, pulverized, knocked down, Extirpated, Eradicated, demolished, laid waste, annihilated, desolated, Decimated, dismantled, flattened, Abolished, devastated.

Other synonyms:

Trashed, kaput. flawed, faulty. broken. apart. down. sunk
Other relevant words:
shipwrecked, battered, down, faulty, shattered, gone to pot, stranded, Capsized, on the rocks, Grounded, flawed, apart, Scuttled, Trashed, kaput, broken, beached.

Usage examples for wrecked

  1. Their wrecked ship is a few miles south. – The World with a Thousand Moons by Edmond Hamilton
  2. It would be dreadful to have a ship wrecked almost at our door." – Lavender and Old Lace by Myrtle Reed
  3. Wrecked and nearly all our brave crew drowned. – Annie o' the Banks o' Dee by Gordon Stables