Synonyms for Hazy:


airy (adjective)
dim (adjective)
dim, filmy, faint, vague, shadowy, foggy, half-lit, indistinct, cloudy, murky, bleary.
equivocal (adjective)
filmy (adjective)
hazy (adjective)
unsound, indistinct, bleary, foggy, unintelligible, misty, nebulous, thick, fuzzy, vague, murky, unclear, overcast, gauzy, dusky, blurry, blurred, Screened, shadowy, Obfuscated, smoky, indefinite, obscure, dull, steaming, faint, opaque, smoggy, frosty, veiled, vaporous, dim.
nebulous (adjective)
obscure (adjective)
unintelligible, foggy, opaque, obscure, Obfuscated, vague, formless, shapeless, cloudy, amorphous, turbid, imprecise, incoherent.
opaque (adjective)
murky, dark, unclear, obscure, vague, cloudy, opaque, impenetrable.
out of focus (adjective)
overcast (adjective)
semitransparent (adjective)
cloudy, unclear, murky, semi-opaque, limpid, bleary, filmy, milky, fuzzy, semitransparent, semi-opalescent, diaphanous, gauzy, misty, foggy, veiled.


illiterate, unsound, ill-informed, unacquainted, lost, ignorant, uninformed, unknowing, unsuspecting, unfamiliar. commemorative, etched, dimly, elusive, catchy, conscious. undistinct, indefinite. hazy (noun)
blurred, indistinct, muzzy, brumous, blurry, bleary, foggy, fuzzy, misty, cloudy.

Other synonyms:

eagle-eyed, unsuspecting, ill-informed, ignorant, hawk-eyed, blindfolded, unacquainted, unknowing, undistinct, smoggy. lost. blind. indistinct

Usage examples for hazy

  1. Finally the two crawled and crouched at the foot of a cedar tree, and either from inability to move or to see, because their eyes had become hazy they did not even attempt to break away. – Botchan (Master Darling) by Mr. Kin-nosuke Natsume, trans. by Yasotaro Morri
  2. I have been for long years in India, and grown so used to burning skies and swarthy faces that I could hardly believe in the reality of cool England, with its fresh fields and shady lanes; yet all these scenes are growing hazy while clearly, and yet more clearly, there rises before me the picture of my old, old home and childish days, of special things that happened to me then, of little pleasures and troubles which then seemed very great, and in one sense really were so, no doubt, for they were great to me. – A Christmas Posy by Mary Louisa Stewart Molesworth
  3. The rest of that evening is hazy enough to me now, till I find myself opposite Mrs. Mavor at her fire, reading Graeme's letter; then all is vivid again. – Black Rock by Ralph Connor