Synonyms for Cloudy:


all (adjective)
nebulose, nebulous.
bubbly (adjective)
effervescent, frothy, foamy, bubbly, Lathered, fizzy.
dark (adjective)
dusky, dim, dark, swarthy, shaded, dismal, murky, somber, overcast, umbrageous, darkened, black, shadowy, sunless, dreary, obscure, inky, gloomy, sooty, lightless, shady, silhouetted.
darkish (adjective)
dim (adjective)
bleary, dim, hazy, indistinct, foggy, half-lit, vague, shadowy, filmy, murky, faint.
dull (adjective)
hazy; darkened (adjective)
foggy, misty, somber, murky, confused, heavy, indistinct, dismal, muddy, dusky, dim, dark, overcast, sunless, gloomy, vaporous, obscure, indefinite, sullen, leaden, lowering, opaque, dull, nebulous.
nebulous (adjective)
obscure (adjective)
hazy, imprecise, shapeless, vague, opaque, foggy, turbid, unintelligible, obscure, formless, indefinite, amorphous, Obfuscated, incoherent.
opaque (adjective)
unclear, dark, obscure, hazy, murky, vague, opaque, impenetrable.
semitransparent (adjective)
gauzy, filmy, limpid, foggy, unclear, misty, semi-opalescent, veiled, semitransparent, semi-opaque, fuzzy, hazy, milky, murky, bleary, diaphanous.
shaded (adjective)
shady (adjective)


dazed, spaced, disoriented, confused, perplexed, can't think straight, bewildered, beside yourself, at a loss (to do something). crystalline, translucent, roily, crystal clear, transparent, roiled. uncertain, inexplicit, certain, equivocal. indefinite, undistinct, blear. cloudy (noun)
leaden, gray, overcast, smoggy, hazy, miasmal, mirky, cloud-covered, sunless, clouded, nebular, cloudlike, sullen, miasmic, nebulose, threatening, opaque, dull, murky, indistinct, misty, heavy, turbid, foggy, muddy, vaporous, grey, brumous, nebulous, lowering.

Other synonyms:

cirrostratus, cumulus, cirrus, cirrocumulus, cumulonimbus, undistinct, blurry, roiled, inexplicit. equivocal, translucent, indefinite, crystalline, roily. billow, column. cloud. uncertain. bank. Other relevant words:
column, clouded, miasmic, crystalline, undistinct, equivocal, brumous, blurry, cloudlike, vaporous, indefinite, nebular, dull, inexplicit, roily, sullen, cirrus, blear, muddy, threatening, smoggy, heavy, mirky, cloud-covered, nebulous, miasmal, confused, sunless, roiled, bank, cirrostratus, cumulus, nebulose, gray, grey, overcast, uncertain, leaden, cloud, lowering.

Usage examples for cloudy

  1. Her eyes were a cloudy gray. – The Hidden Places by Bertrand W. Sinclair
  2. The next evening was cloudy and he had to curb his feverish impatience. – Pioneers of Science by Oliver Lodge
  3. It was on a cloudy afternoon towards the end of March, after her grandmother had parted from her with a sigh of compassion, that Erika set out on foot, as was her wont, to visit a poor music- teacher. – Countess Erika's Apprenticeship by Ossip Schubin