Synonyms for Moderation:


realistic, practical, Grounded, balanced, sensible, pragmatic, rational, Clear-headed, logical, mature. decrease, limitation, increase, fall, governance, plunge, slump, soothing, decline, reduction, settlement, shrinkage, cut, regulation, collapse, controlling, mediation, license, cutback, restriction. edge, measure. attribute (noun)
economizing (noun)
economy (noun)
economy, parsimony, stinginess, sparingness, cheapness, thrift.
forgiveness (noun)
justice (noun)
mildness (noun)
amiability, latitude, liberty, evenness, geniality, meekness, insipidity, open-mindedness, cordiality, permissiveness, moderateness, gentleness, mildness, peaceableness, tolerance, acceptance, softness, libertarianism, benignity, forbearance, charity, broad-mindedness, easiness, benevolence, liberality, lenience, quietness, liberalness, tenderness, clemency, laxity, kindness.
moderation (noun)
composition, temperateness, relief, temperance, ease, easing, tranquility, alleviation, quiet, moderateness, calming.
pacification (noun)
appeasement, stabilization, pacification, mollification, Allayment, armistice, conciliation, placation, reconciliation.
restraint (noun)
coolness, constraint, restraint, toleration, fairness, lenity, dispassionateness, balance, patience, poise, steadiness, justice.
sobriety (noun)
soberness, denial, temperance, abnegation, sobriety, dryness, restraint, teetotalism, abstinence, control.
temperance (noun)
dispassionateness, lenity, balance, prudence, coolness, frugality, constraint, fairness, restraint, self-denial, forbearance, justice, austerity, conservation, toleration, patience, measure, moderateness, self-deprivation, mildness, asceticism, sober-mindedness, quiet, steadiness, poise, sobriety.

Other synonyms:

reduction, regulation, patience. measure.

Usage examples for moderation

  1. This is what you call the spirit of moderation – NAPOLEON AND BLUCHER by L. Muhlbach
  2. When we consider that the revolution broke out in less than a fortnight after this petition, we cannot but be struck with the extreme moderation of the demands now made. – The Great Events by Famous Historians, Vol. 17 by Charles Francis Horne
  3. No ordinary man can hope to succeed who does not work his body in moderation – Success (Second Edition) by Max Aitken Beaverbrook