Synonyms for Misty:


cloudy (adjective)
indefinite, obscure.
damp (adjective)
drenched, saturated, soaked, moist, soggy, clammy, soaking.
dark (adjective)
faint, shadowy.
dim (adjective)
enveloped in mist, enveloped in spray, obscure, dark, Shrouded.
dreamy (adjective)
filmy (adjective)
foggy (adjective)
fuzzy (adjective)
hazy (adjective)
gauzy, veiled.
indistinct (adjective)
misty (adjective)
dark, bleary, vague, indistinct, murky, fuzzy, dim, cloudy, Shrouded, unclear, hazy, foggy.
out of focus (adjective)
semitransparent (adjective)
filmy, fuzzy, gauzy, diaphanous, unclear, hazy, milky, murky, veiled, bleary, semi-opalescent, foggy, semi-opaque, semitransparent, limpid, cloudy.
wet (adjective)


soaked, soaking, bedraggled, damp, moist, soggy, clammy, drenched, saturated. cumulonimbus, cirrus, billow, cumulus, clear, cirrostratus, bank, cirrocumulus, column, cloud, dim. vague, faint, feeble, imperceptible, subtle, indefinite, blear, undistinct, obscure, inconspicuous, ill-defined, indistinct, invisible, shadowy. weepy, bring tears to your eyes, cry, tear, tearful, dry your eyes, misty-eyed, teardrop, weeping. driving snow/rain, torrential, snowy, gentle, in buckets, soft, snowbound, the Wet. misty (noun)
hazy, wet, cloudy, brumous, foggy.

Other synonyms:

weepy, torrential, teardrop, dark, undistinct, tearful, snowbound, weeping. shadowy, indefinite, indistinct, misty-eyed, moist, snowy. soft. obscure, tear. dim, vague. faint. cry. Other relevant words:
tearful, cloud, imperceptible, moist, dim, obscure, undistinct, clammy, wet, snowy, Shrouded, feeble, brumous, weepy, shadowy, subtle, indefinite, invisible, misty-eyed, vague, soft, ill-defined, tear, damp, inconspicuous, teardrop, indistinct, snowbound, dark, weeping, blear, faint.

Usage examples for misty

  1. I left the room with my eyes a bit misty and did my best, in the case I was working on, to forget. – 32 Caliber by Donald McGibeny
  2. Nothing seemed to come wrong to him, and if he did not understand anything, an apt question set him right, and when Stair flung up his head, his eye misty and his intelligence withdrawn, Julian Wemyss stopped also, because he understood. – Patsy by S. R. Crockett
  3. His eyes constantly searched the misty purple- blue horizon for a first glimpse of the mountains, though he knew he could not possibly come in sight of them so soon. – The Eagle's Heart by Hamlin Garland