Synonyms for Dingy:


black (adjective)
charcoal, dark, soiled, impure, ebony, sable, black, midnight.
dirty (adjective)
gray (adjective)
dreary, leaden, mousy, mole-gray, gloomy, dapple-gray, battleship-gray, pearl-gray, dull, gun metal, somber, silvery, lead-gray, neutral-tint, ashen, iron-gray, gray, pearly, drab, taupe, grizzled, salt-and-pepper, smoky.
scrubby (adjective)
all the worse for wear.
slovenly (adjective)
soiled, tacky (adjective)
drab, gloomy, broken-down, dark, murky, faded, shabby, dreary, muddy, threadbare, dirty, somber, grimy, dilapidated, dull.
unclean (adjective)
infectious, muddy, grungy, putrid, dusty, murky, unclean, septic, defiled, foul, squalid, obscene, impure, filthy, festering, crummy, unhygenic, disgusting, unsanitary, untidy, grimy, fetid, mucky, odious, smutty, grubby, icky, toxic, scatological, sloppy, shabby, scruffy, sordid, offensive, insalubrious, slovenly, dirty.


down-at-heel, shoddy, tatty, broken-down, all the worse for wear, better, ratty, dilapidated, tattered, mangy, faded, dy, bedraggled, threadbare, rundown, sleazy, Decaying, tacky, decrepit, scrubby. dingy (noun)
dismal, grimy, dirty, gloomy, uncheerful, grungy, muddy, raunchy, unclean, soiled, cheerless, drear, drab, muddied, sorry, impure, grubby, dreary, begrimed.

Other synonyms:

ratty, tatty, down-at-heel. faded, mangy, scrubby, Decaying, bedraggled, tattered, sleazy. decrepit, dilapidated, shoddy. rundown. threadbare. broken-down. Other relevant words:
contaminated, bedraggled, cheerless, drear, decrepit, threadbare, tacky, broken-down, all the worse for wear, ratty, down-at-heel, raunchy, tatty, uncheerful, dismal, rundown, mangy, sleazy, faded, dilapidated, sorry, begrimed, Decaying, shoddy, messy, tattered, soiled, scrubby, muddied.

Usage examples for dingy

  1. It was indeed the little Professor, who rushed into the room and threw himself, blowing and panting, on the dingy sofa. – The Secret Passage by Fergus Hume