Synonyms for Boat:


bulk carrier, Bowser, carrier. coaster, brig, barque. boat (noun)
canoe, pontoon, gravy boat, fishing boat, scull, motorboat, submarine, ocean liner, destroyer, liner, houseboat, dugout, longboat, trawler, dinghy, galley, frigate, ship, schooner, skiff, freighter, hydrofoil, kayak, battleship, dory, tanker, aircraft carrier, cutter, merchantman, sauceboat, vessel, barge, speedboat, sampan, ferry, lifeboat, catamaran, cruiser, sailboat, yacht, rowboat, steamboat, cabin cruiser, bark, paddle boat, Bateau, tugboat, gunboat, scow, watercraft, raft, cargo boat, hulk, icebreaker, gondola.
flatboat (noun)
ship (noun)
vehicle (noun)
fire engine, sled, hearse, ambulance, brougham, coupe, tractor, cab, limousine, auto, bus, conveyance, sedan, train, cart, taxi, wagon, vehicle, car, automobile, convertible, jeep, motorcar, van, coach, armored car, motorcycle, sledge, taxicab, stagecoach, truck, station wagon, landau, jalopy, boxcar, bicycle, roadster, buggy.
vehicle for water travel (noun)
hulk, dory, craft, lifeboat, bark, sloop, catamaran, raft, ketch, pinnace, gondola, steamboat, bottom, ship, schooner, dinghy, skiff, canoe, launch, yacht, Bateau, scow, barge, sailboat.
vessel (noun)
punt, jolly boat, settee, catboat, Shallop, wherry, umiak, flatboat, Cockboat, junk, Galiot, pirogue, Baltimore buckeye, launch, ketch, sharp, canal boat, collapsible boat, racer, cockleshell, war canoe, pulk, sunfish, gig, tartan, craft, iceboat, pinnace, shell, sharpie, Johnboat, Sponson, bottom, yawl, Proa, bombard, trimaran, coracle, sloop, river boat, hydroplane, outrigger, clam boat.


boat (verb)
sail, row.
sail (verb)
pilot, navigate.

Other synonyms:

barque, trimaran, Bowser, ketch, canal boat, sloop, coracle, bulk carrier. hydroplane, cockleshell, brig. junk, coaster. punt. barge
yawl, craft.
Other relevant words:
junk, coracle, coaster, launch, pirogue, river boat, ketch, outrigger, canal boat, Galiot, Bowser, carrier, gravy boat, Shallop, cockleshell, yawl, iceboat, sloop, trimaran, Proa, bottom, flatboat, hydroplane, gig, shell, barque, punt, umiak, racer, pinnace, craft, sauceboat, wherry.

Usage examples for boat

  1. What, you will ask, had happened to the boat – The Boy Tar by Mayne Reid
  2. It is coming in down the river in a small boat – The Law-Breakers by Ridgwell Cullum
  3. Do come and read to us the life- boat story. – Salome by Emma Marshall