Synonyms for Manager:


businessperson, account executive, businessman, businesswoman, agent, capitalist, ambassador. over, Administrant, EXEC. straw boss, taskmistress, foreperson, forewoman. administrator (noun)
captain, custodian, commander, leader, chief, president, authority, dean, ambassador, mayor.
banker (noun)
teller, treasurer, capitalist, financier.
businessperson (noun)
baron, businessman, businesswoman.
chief (noun)
general, principal, ruler, ringleader, foreperson, overlord.
conductor (noun)
maestro, master.
curator (noun)
guardian, keeper, steward.
custodian (noun)
custodian, jailer, guard, curator, warden, caretaker, guardian, gamekeeper, steward, functionary, turnkey, keeper, ranger, warder, proctor.
director (noun)
foreman, warden, overseer, overlord, superintendent, administrator, magistrate, ringmaster, taskmaster, ringleader, king, baron, general, supervisor, band master, queen, conductor, mayor, boss.
employer (noun)
businessperson, kingpin.
manager (noun)
overseer, EXEC, head, governor, comptroller, conductor, supervisor, handler, director, official, administrator, straw boss, proprietor, superintendent, coach, controller, officer, managing director, boss, executive.
master (noun)
guru, dean, landlady, head, star, president, senior, commandant, commander, maestro, titleholder, authority, director, mandarin, kingpin, principal, landlord, squire, master, executive, captain, abbot, headmaster, officer, sire, proprietor, proprietress, quartermaster, mother, ruler, lord, leader, governor, mahatma, headmistress, chief.
slave driver (noun)
treasurer (noun)
bursar, treasurer, comptroller, banker, moneylender, trustee, accountant, controller, cashier, loaner, teller, financier, lender, bookkeeper, auditor, official.

Other synonyms:

forewoman, taskmistress, EXEC, Administrant, foreperson, straw boss. businessman
Other relevant words:
coach, straw boss, forewoman, agent, managing director, foreperson, businessperson, EXEC, Administrant, handler, businessman, taskmistress.

Usage examples for manager

  1. Have you the heart to complain to the manager – The Inca of Perusalem by George Bernard Shaw
  2. " I took her into my office," the manager said. – The Book of Business Etiquette by Nella Henney
  3. I have something to say to the manager first. – Honor: A Play in Four Acts by Hermann Sudermann