Synonyms for Carver:


craft, craftsman, artisan, craftswoman, modeling, craftsperson, handicraft, modelling, craftsmanship. chopper, chopstick, carving knife, ladle, fish knife, knife, dessertspoon, fork, cleaver. carver (noun)
cutter, statue maker, George Washington Carver, woodcarver, sculptor, sculpturer.
engraver (noun)
sculptor, cutter.
person (noun)
George Washington Carver.

Other synonyms:

carving knife, craftswoman, fish knife, craftsperson, modeling, cleaver, artisan, chopstick, craftsman, handicraft. dessertspoon, craftsmanship. ladle, chopper, craft, knife. fork. Other relevant words:
knife, dessertspoon, craftswoman, craftsman, craftsmanship, artisan, carving knife, craft.

Usage examples for carver

  1. The pedant, who was an accomplished carver officiated in that capacity on this auspicious occasion; begging the company, as he did so, to be kind enough to excuse the unavoidable absence, which he deeply regretted, of the slices of Seville oranges that should have formed a part of the dish- being an obligatory accessory of roast goose- and they with charming courtesy smilingly expressed their willingness to overlook for this once such a culinary solecism. – Captain Fracasse by Theophile Gautier
  2. To my mind, this conversation is about the only sort in which the successful carver can afford to indulge. – Life's Minor Collisions by Frances Warner Gertrude Warner