Synonyms for Omnibus:


selection, dual, double, compilation, trilateral, collection, two-ply, quadripartite, miscellany, complicated, cellular, composite, treasury, triple. camper, ATV, breakdown truck, camper van, All Terrain Vehicle, 18-wheeler, ambulance, 4WD. anthology, almanac, authority, annual, bestseller, bible, autobiography, biography, blook, atlas. chat show, broadcast, docudrama, bulletin, breakfast television, feature, documentary, call-in, docusoap, closed-captioned. book (noun)
atlas, bestseller.
compilation (noun)
vehicle (noun)

Other synonyms:

collection. Other relevant words:
broadcast, camper, authority, biography, bulletin, double, ATV, autobiography, compilation, blook, ambulance, bestseller, treasury, atlas, two-ply, docudrama, anthology, bible, quadripartite, closed-captioned, feature, triple, documentary, dual, almanac, docusoap, selection, 18-wheeler, composite, complicated, trilateral, collection, cellular, miscellany, annual, 4WD, streetcar.

Usage examples for omnibus

  1. From the roof of an omnibus which was crowded within and without with passengers, there came a shout as of a strong man: 'Lord, I know You! – A Second Coming by Richard Marsh
  2. You will not want the omnibus – Indian Summer by William D. Howells
  3. He trembled if an omnibus cut off his view for a single instant, and shuddered if the beggar turned a corner. – The Redemption of David Corson by Charles Frederic Goss