Synonyms for Parcel:


dry land, border, conservancy, belt, claim, acreage, conservation area, enclosure, corridor. snail mail, post, postmaster, mailbag, post office, mail, the Royal Mail, P.O., postmistress. act (noun)
portion, share.
allotment (noun)
proportion, quota, chunk, quantum, commission, dispensation, allocation, lot, assignment, allowance, stake, division, percentage, stipend, piece, allotment, apportionment, part.
area (noun)
precinct, locality, quarter.
artifact (noun)
bundle (noun)
carton, box, study at package.
container prepared to be sent (noun)
packet, carton, bundle, package.
geographical area (noun)
group, bunch (noun)
land (noun)
parcel (noun)
portion, packet, piece of ground, package, parcel of land, bundle, tract, share, piece of land.
part, piece (noun)
segment, slice, cut, member, chunk, portion, division.
piece of land (noun)
plot, acreage, tract.
portion (noun)
subdivision, stock, member, dividend, helping, half, bit, fraction, interest, compartment, sector.
region (noun)
borough, commonweal, earldom, colony, domain, realm, duchy, circuit, province, plot, bailiwick, canton, state, town, shire, empire, municipality, precinct, tract, beat, territory, dukedom, nation, area, quarter, locality, neighborhood, region, country, place, kingdom, county, city, field, district, riding.


allot (verb)
segment, deal, measure, Mete, earmark, distribute, give, assign, budget, ration, partition, allocate, set, apportion, slice, share, divide, cut, split, dispense, allow, allot, portion.
portion (verb)
halve, zone, compartmentalize, subdivide, dismember.

Other synonyms:

the Royal Mail, postmistress, post office, snail mail. mailbag, postmaster. P.O.. mail. post. bundle

Usage examples for parcel

  1. I believe it was this last part of my argument which had most weight, for no sooner had I spoken of what my father would have me do, than she gave way, setting about making ready for me a small parcel of food before having said that she gave her permission. – The Minute Boys of Boston by James Otis
  2. Villiers drew out a small thin parcel from his pocket. – The Great God Pan by Arthur Machen