Synonyms for Contingent:


accidental (adjective)
accidental, unexpected, chance, fortuitous, unforeseen.
chance (adjective)
circumstantial (adjective)
conditional (adjective)
dependent, provisional, conditional, tentative, restrictive, limited.
conditional; possible (adjective)
chance, fluky, likely, unpredictable, probable, uncertain, unexpected, accidental, dependent, casual, odd, unforeseen, fortuitous.
possible (adjective)
probable, unpredictable, likely.
subject to (adjective)
contingent on.


cavalry, company, battalion, advance guard, command, detachment, brigade, corps. chairperson, chairwoman, discussion group, chairman, delegate, probable, convener, chair, meeting, deputation, likely. limiting, finite, within limits, relative, under control, reliant, specific, conditioned, restrictive, subject, start, prohibitive, exclusive, limited, restricted. chance, fortuitous, accidental, surprise, fluky, odd, casual, inadvertent. contingent (noun)
dependant on, depending on, conditional, uncertain, dependent on, possible, contingent on, detail.
group (noun)
group of followers (noun)
deputation, detachment.


related (verb)

Other synonyms:

cavalry, convener, brigade, reliant, fluky, corps, advance guard, battalion, deputation. chairman, chairperson, discussion group, casual, company, probable, chairwoman, accidental, fortuitous, conditioned, detachment. inadvertent, likely, delegate. command, subject. chair, meeting. odd.

Usage examples for contingent

  1. He and Lady Selina were dining at the hospitable board of a certain rich manufacturer, who drew enormous revenues from the west, had formed part of the Radical contingent of the last Liberal ministry, and had especially distinguished himself by a series of uncompromising attacks on the ground landlords of London. – Marcella by Mrs. Humphry Ward