Synonyms for Chandelier:


Chinese Lantern, gaslight, jack-o'-lantern, corona, Electrolier, candelabrum, candelabra, beacon, Gasolier, flare, light, Japanese lantern, candle, candlestick, crown, luster, Candleholder. artifact (noun)
chandelier (noun)
light hanging from ceiling (noun)
crown, Candleholder, Gasolier, Electrolier, corona, candelabrum, luster.

Other synonyms:

candelabra, candle, candlestick, gaslight, Japanese lantern, jack-o'-lantern. Chinese Lantern. flare. candlestick
Other relevant words:
Electrolier, candelabrum, candelabra, candlestick, gaslight, corona, candle, Candleholder, flare, crown, Gasolier, luster.

Usage examples for chandelier

  1. We used to have prayer meetings in the drawing- room, and sometimes father would pray so hard that the glass chandelier would shake and rattle till I used to think it would come down." – The Captives by Hugh Walpole
  2. It seemed to her that Westerling was beneath the humblest private in his army- beneath even that fellow with the liver patch on his cheek who had broken the chandelier in the sport of brutal passion. – The Last Shot by Frederick Palmer