Synonyms for Congress:


audience, AGM, colloquium, audioconferencing, annual meeting, briefing, appointment. assemble, city hall, capitol hill, convocation, city council, bureaucracy, apparatus. company, muster, group, get together, conclave, collect, crowd, assemblage, troop, gathering. order, confederation, fraternity, guild, sorority, federation, organization, union, fellowship, society, association, club. congress (noun)
coitus, sexual relation, sexual intercourse, sexual congress, copulation, coition, relation, carnal knowledge, united states congress, sex act.
council (noun)
chamber, legislature, cabinet, cadre, league, meeting, conference, parliament, tribunal, coalition, panel, inquisition, council, congregation, forum, board, convention, body, caucus, symposium, quorum, summit, committee, court, faction, assembly.
delegation of representatives (noun)
committee, caucus, legislature, guild, league, conclave, association, assembly, order, society, union, legislative body, council, government, convocation, conference, chamber, meeting, club, parliament, convention.
group (noun)
united states congress.
house (noun)
legislative body.
meeting (noun)
parliament (noun)
government, deliberative assembly, legislative body.

Other synonyms:

capitol hill, city council, bureaucracy, city hall. confederation, government, conclave, sorority, fraternity, guild, apparatus, troop, convocation. federation, get together, assemblage, group. club, union. association, society, company. crowd, fellowship. organization. order. assembly
Other relevant words:
city council, copulation, bureaucracy, collect, gathering, company, assemble, group, federation, union, association, muster, audience, troop, coitus, crowd, audioconferencing, guild, united states congress, order, legislative body, assemblage, club, AGM, assembly, organization, apparatus, conclave, deliberative assembly, relation, get together, society, colloquium, government, sorority, carnal knowledge, fellowship, briefing, confederation, convocation, coition, appointment, fraternity.

Usage examples for congress

  1. With him I had gone to Bristol where he had made an impassioned plea for harmony to the Trade Union Congress – The War After the War by Isaac Frederick Marcosson
  2. I must, therefore, ask of Congress a leave of short absence. – Memoir, Correspondence, And Miscellanies, From The Papers Of Thomas Jefferson by Thomas Jefferson