Synonyms for Discussion:


forum, proposal, exposition, investigation, study, text, paper, inquiry, meditation, treatise, writing, determination, monograph. ventilation, words, rap. colloquium, meet. communication (noun)
discourse, treatment.
contention (noun)
hypothesis, thesis, controversy.
conversation (noun)
interview, conference, confabulation, words, conversation, consultation, talk, dialogue, seminar, parley, confrontation, meeting.
council (noun)
discussion (noun)
treatment, give and take, word, discourse.
dissertation (noun)
commentary, essay, assertion, conjecture, premise, dissertation, argument, hypothesis, article, position, examination, contention, opinion, research, postulation, interpolation, analysis, thesis, critique, criticism.
speech (noun)
remark, recitation, locution, spoken word, speech, chattering, allocution, vocalization, patter, elocution, jabbering, voice, dialect, talking, report, circumlocution, oral communication, oration, chitchat, debate, prattle, babbling, speaking, chat, dialog.
talk with another (noun)
conference, analysis, meet, examination, confabulation, symposium, discourse, review, disputation, conversation, quarrel, controversy, argumentation, altercation, contention, exchange, dissertation, dispute, meeting, deliberation, powwow, interview, consideration, excursus, consultation, ventilation, debate, dialogue, canvass, argument.
word (noun)

Other synonyms:

disputation, excursus, colloquium, monograph, exploration, treatise, rap session, confab, symposium. inquest, review, ventilation, exposition, negotiation. rap. text. paper. argument
Other relevant words:
dialectic, ventilation, treatment, writing, inquiry, exposition, disputation, text, confab, excursus, inquest, word, deliberation, forum, negotiation, exchange, exploration, determination, disquisition, altercation, symposium, discourse, treatise, colloquium, paper, monograph, dispute, canvass, rap, proposal, powwow, forensics, study, meet, decision, dialogue, talks, consideration, review, controversy, wrangle, give and take, investigation, argumentation, rap session, quarrel, words, meditation.

Usage examples for discussion

  1. She was evidently weary of a discussion of which she was the subject. – A Little Union Scout by Joel Chandler Harris
  2. The discussion should be removed as far as possible from his own circumstances and even his own feelings. – Robert Browning by Edward Dowden