Synonyms for Portray:


overact, understudy, ad lib, star, COSTAR, characterize, double for, reproduce, define. characterization, dialogue, image, dialog, establish, anthropomorphic, device, dramatic irony, Deus Ex Machina, express, bathos, allegory. exemplify, action, pin down, enact, act, play, perform, performing arts, substitute, play-act, profile, DO, set forth. portray (noun)
impersonate, depict, limn, present.


creation (verb)
imitate (verb)
copy, parallel, feign, emulate, mock, parody, impersonate, mirror, ape, pretend, imitate, duplicate, parrot, replicate, repeat, ditto, mimic, simulate, mime, counterfeit, echo, flatter, reflect, resemble.
report (verb)
log, record, state, retell, describe, recount, tell, narrate, Journalize, report, chronicle, table, account, summarize.
represent (verb)
illustrate, model, silhouette, depict, photograph, represent, outline, approximate, cast, render.
represent, imitate (verb)
describe, limn, photograph, parody, mimic, image, reproduce, illustrate, impersonate, depict, duplicate, characterize, simulate, copy, render.
write (verb)
compose, write, transcribe, formulate, correspond, rewrite, ghostwrite.

Other synonyms:

characterize, double for, play-act, overact, reproduce. COSTAR, enact, understudy. star, ad lib. express. perform. play. act. DO. act
perform, play-act.
Other relevant words:
define, present, express, limn, dialog, dialogue, device, set forth, enact, action, image, play, profile, play-act, anthropomorphic, act, bathos, DO, reproduce, COSTAR, perform, allegory, characterization, substitute, understudy, overact, exemplify, establish, star, characterize.

Usage examples for portray

  1. He must faithfully portray not his own, but the attitude and bearing, feelings and impression, of this character. – Browning and the Dramatic Monologue by S. S. Curry
  2. Words cannot describe Venice, nor brush portray her ever- fleeting, ever- varying charm. – Italy, the Magic Land by Lilian Whiting