Synonyms for Observation:


cooperation, legalism, give and take, complaisance, integrity, pronouncement. alert, attention span, concerned, knowledge, attentive, see, under someone's critical eye, espial, cognizance, focused, observant, fixated. awareness, watch. obiter dictum, words. attention (noun)
caution, care, fascination, notice, entrancement, consideration, engrossment, scrutiny, diligence, attention, attentiveness, alertness, regardfulness, immersion, interest, enrapture, watchfulness, rapture, concern, absorption, intentness, heedfulness, mindfulness, concentration.
attention, scrutiny (noun)
Ascertainment, watching, mark, perception, notice, regard, inspection, research, Noticing, investigation, consideration, knowledge, overlook, check, cognizance, probe, information, view, measurement, detection, estimation, heedfulness.
comment on something scrutinized (noun)
opinion, obiter dictum, reflection, thought, pronouncement.
communication (noun)
reflection, reflexion.
comparison (noun)
evidence (noun)
determination, documentation, connotation, indication, attestation, proof, deposition, confirmation, fact, corroboration, data, validation, information, exhibit, support, demonstration, evidence, manifestation, quotation, counter-evidence, specimen, exemplification, authentication, testimony, illustration, substantiation, statement, declaration, establishment, certification.
idea (noun)
idea, opinion, inkling, supposition, vision, reflection, concept, theory, ideation, design, brainstorm, image, plan, conception, thought, notion, principle, perception, inspiration.
lookout (noun)
observation (noun)
observance, notice, reflexion, watching, reflection.
vision (noun)
discernment, viewpoint, inspection, regarding, sight, watching, outlook, Witnessing, seeing, eyesight.

Other synonyms:

cooperation, espial, obiter dictum, complaisance, knowledge, give and take, integrity, legalism. watch. cognizance, heed. mark. Other relevant words:
Noticing, overlook, alert, measurement, probe, pronouncement, investigation, detection, heed, estimation, research, view, mark, legalism, observance, observant, aside, regard, awareness, Ascertainment, knowledge, cognizance, reflexion, check, see, attention span, watch, espial, obiter dictum.

Usage examples for observation

  1. Rowland asked, struck with the observation – Roderick Hudson by Henry James
  2. Nothing escaped his observation – The Project Gutenberg Memoirs of Napoleon Bonaparte by Bourrienne, Constant, and Stewarton