Synonyms for Phrase:


accompaniment, descant, cadence, headed, subordinate, Gerundive, noun, absolute, breakbeat, nonheaded, endocentric, excerpt, counterpoint, conjunctive, crescendo, attributive, adverbial, gerund, adjective, adjectival, flourish, nonrestrictive, exocentric, participial, coda, restrictive, infinitive, catchword, arpeggio. arrange, articulation, back, baton, atmospherics, words, bang out, accompany, blast away, blast, beat out. adjunct, allomorph, antecedent, case, allophone, wordage, article, accusative, cleft sentence, phrasing, collocate. axiom, express, put, citation, battle cry, binomial, couch, aphorism, cheer, cite. chorus, declaim, gasp out, mouth, declare, chirp, frame, pant. grammar (noun)
form, grammar, syntax, predicate, usage, structure, wording, formulation, qualifier, conjugation, subject, language, object.
group of words; way of speaking (noun)
expression, catchphrase, motto, terminology, maxim, phrasing, Verbalism, slogan, idiom, locution, wordage, catchword, phraseology, wording.
phrase (noun)
clause, figure of speech, formulate, articulate, phraseology, locution, catchphrase, adage, paragraph, sentence, mannerism, epigram, musical phrase, cliche, metaphor, word, idiomatic expression, idiom, phrasal idiom, motto, expression, terminology, proverb, slogan, Verbalism, set phrase, euphemism, maxim.
verbalization (noun)
word (noun)


express in words carefully (verb)
put, frame, word, couch, formulate.

Other synonyms:

chirp, phrasing, declaim, gasp out. couch, wordage, pant. declare. express, chorus. mouth. put. frame. Other relevant words:
adjunct, accompany, catchword, participial, case, breakbeat, article, restrictive, antecedent, Gerundive, accompaniment, atmospherics, flourish, couch, set phrase, axiom, binomial, gerund, formulate, phrasing, nonheaded, adjectival, word, aphorism, adjective, adverbial, arpeggio, wordage, declare, citation, attributive, frame, put, accusative, phrasal idiom, chirp, mouth, absolute, articulate, words, articulation, noun, allophone, endocentric, pant, chorus, infinitive, baton, idiomatic expression, declaim, cite, descant, headed, exocentric, conjunctive, musical phrase, allomorph, excerpt, nonrestrictive, express, coda, cheer, counterpoint, arrange, back, subordinate, crescendo, collocate, blast, cadence.

Usage examples for phrase

  1. The child smiled at the phrase – Jewel A Chapter In Her Life by Clara Louise Burnham
  2. In part at least: the phrase is pathetic. – Sketches and Studies in Italy and Greece, Vol III. by John Symonds
  3. On his way back to the beach, Kit turned the phrase over and over. – Smoke Bellew by Jack London