Synonyms for Newspaper:


cartoon, byline, classified ad, advice column, artwork, banner headline, article, centerfold, cheesecake. journalist, news agency, reporter, reviewer, press, newsman, correspondent, editor, columnist, press corps. broadsheet, compact, comic book, back copy, biweekly, back issue, back-number, brochure, comic. cover, backstory, embed, checkbook journalism, contribute, citizen journalism, circulation, edit, editorship. artifact (noun)
chronicle (noun)
chronology, Cashbook, recital, chronicle, album, enumeration, ledger, account, memo, register, index, log, daybook, statement, epic, narrative, yearbook, history, docket, memorandum, catalog, inventory, record, biography, diary, archive, scrapbook, notebook, journal, calendar, description, Bank book, newsletter, book, autobiography, anecdote.
communication (noun)
group (noun)
newspaper publisher, paper.
journal (noun)
comic book, chronology, ledger, register, log, publication, daybook, calendar, statement, account, diary.
magazine (noun)
newsletter, brochure, circular.
newspaper (noun)
newspaper publisher, journal, paper, record, periodical, press, newsprint, gazette, review, biweekly, organ.
press (noun)
correspondent, editor, journalism, journalist, columnist, reporter.
print (noun)
book, newsprint.
publication (noun)
commercial, broadcast, journalism, bulletin, organ, herald, publication, post, report, notice, announcement, promotion, newsmagazine, periodical, circular, dissemination, gazette, advertisement, propaganda, review, brief, promulgation, handbill.

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Other relevant words:
circulation, biweekly, cartoon, cover, editor, article, compact, cheesecake, centerfold, brochure, backstory, byline, reviewer, news agency, press, newsman, edit, contribute, artwork, paper, newspaper publisher, editorship, broadsheet, correspondent, embed, comic, newsprint, columnist, journalist, reporter.

Usage examples for newspaper

  1. " I'm a good newspaper man. – Laughing Bill Hyde and Other Stories by Rex Beach
  2. You'll have to admit that it takes a newspaper man to do things. – Death Points a Finger by Will Levinrew
  3. He threw down the newspaper – The Twelfth Hour by Ada Leverson