Synonyms for Compact:


concise (adjective)
blunt, brief, brusque, to the point, concise, abrupt, curt, incisive, short, epigrammatic, succinct, terse, short and sweet.
condensed (adjective)
dense, packed, tight, solid, thick, close, crowded.
dense (adjective)
dense, thick, cohesive, solid.
little (adjective)
little, narrow, brief, diminutive, delicate, low, paltry, short, minute, meager, small, concise, puny, succinct, few, scanty.
short (adjective)
low, puny, runty, stumpy, curt, concise, brief, picayune, short, squat, abridged, condensed, little, succinct, petite, small, clipped.
short, brief (adjective)
pithy, to the point, Marrowy, concise, terse, succinct, epigrammatic, compendious, short and sweet.
small (adjective)
nugatory, little, puny, smallish, niggardly, itty-bitty, baby, sparing, spare, minor, minimal, wee, negligible, picayune, teeny-weeny, scant, pocket, slim, scrawny, petite, modest, ungenerous, teeny, short, stingy, small, toy, dwarfish, miniature, minute, miserly, tiny, weeny, bantam, teensy, trifling, beggarly, delicate, piddling, scanty, diminutive, deficient, slight, microscopic, meager, paltry.


common ground, bargain. coupe, classic car, tighten, dragster, estate, cabriolet, close, demo, automatic, convertible, crowded, cruiser. comic book, pithy, style, back copy, bulletin, broadsheet, back-number, meaning, Epigrammatical, brass-tacks, aphoristic, brochure, comic, back issue, epigrammatic, Marrowy, biweekly. discreet, midget, minuscule. economical, quiet, silent. agreement (noun)
concordance, consensus, agreement, deal, capitulation, promise, stipulation, bond, contract, concurrence, concord, acquiescence, pledge, accession, empathy, unanimity, accord, treaty, accordance, bargain, engagement, covenant, concordat, acceptance, assent, settlement, arrangement, understanding, consent, pact.
artifact (noun)
powder compact.
compact (noun)
covenant, compendious, serried, dense, squeeze, fat, stocky, pack together, consolidated, compress, heavy, contract, constrict, powder compact, concordat, clayey, thickset, summary, cloggy, succinct, impacted, thick, heavyset, concise, tight, close-packed, bundle, wad, compact car, packed, press, wedged.
compressed (noun)
study at thick, snug.
make up (noun)
eyeliner, bindi, eye shadow, blusher, greasepaint, foundation, eyebrow pencil, blush, face powder.
promise (noun)
guarantee, oath, mutual agreement, obligation, vow, assurance, engagement.


contract (verb)
condense, squeeze, wither.
decrease (verb)
deduct, truncate, erode, abbreviate, decrement, abate, die down, shrink, compress, drain, curtail, subside, shorten, decrease, deflate, diminish, contract, deplete, abridge, lessen, concentrate, recede, dwindle, lower.
diminish (verb)
minimize, clip, crop, lighten, downgrade, nip, reduce, taper, prune, pare, trim, cull, shave, weed, bob, shear.
make condensed (verb)
compress, concentrate, condense.
shorten (verb)

Other synonyms:

Epigrammatical, back copy, brass-tacks, blocky, bullnecked, aphoristic, comic book, beefy, Marrowy, back issue, coltish, cabriolet, brochure, dumpy, broadsheet, back-number, scale back, classic car, brawny, barrel-chested, biweekly, coupe. chunky, convertible, stubby, cruiser, epigrammatic, built, bulletin. crowded, comic. demo, shrivel, stodgy. automatic, dwarf, estate. let down. full, close. cozy
make up
eyeliner, bindi, eye shadow, blusher, greasepaint, foundation, eyebrow pencil, blush, face powder.

Usage examples for compact

  1. The Family Compact was in full force. – A History of the Four Georges, Volume II (of 4) by Justin McCarthy
  2. Some little compact on matters of business must have been arranged between them,- for the Captain was in funds again. – Can You Forgive Her? by Anthony Trollope
  3. To maintain, not to overthrow, the political compact was the purpose of the states. – Project Gutenberg History of The Netherlands, 1555-1623, Complete by John Lothrop Motley