Synonyms for Shapely:


beautiful (adjective)
exquisite, splendid, gorgeous, refined, fair, elegant, resplendent, pleasing, becoming, lovely, enchanting, picturesque, polished, ornamental, glamorous, graceful, flowerlike, comely, bonny, quaint, radiant, good-looking, superb, attractive, belle, charming, beautiful, dazzling, stunning, pretty, handsome, finished, eye-filling, sightly, sublime.
bosomy (adjective)
buxom (adjective)
full-bosomed, built, well-proportioned, curvy, busty, voluptuous, stacked.
curvaceous (adjective)
well-developed, bosomy, buxom.
graceful (adjective)
shapely (adjective)
graceful, built, pleasing, statuesque, Proportioned, sightly, curvaceous, elegant, beautiful, well-turned, comely, trim.
symmetrical (adjective)
trim, Proportioned.


well-developed. shapely (noun)
full-fashioned, sculpturesque, buxom, sonsy, junoesque, retrousse, clean-limbed, built, modeled, well-stacked, sculptured, well-turned, sonsie, busty, upturned, curvaceous, tip-tilted, stacked, fully fashioned, well-proportioned, well endowed, bosomy, full-bosomed, curvy, voluptuous, sculptural, statuesque.

Other synonyms:

well-developed. buxom
built, buxom.
well-proportioned, clean, trim.
Other relevant words:
curvaceous, clean-limbed, well-developed, sculptured, upturned, modeled, statuesque, tip-tilted, sculpturesque, well endowed, buxom, Proportioned, retrousse, full-bosomed, clean, well-stacked, sonsie, stacked, bosomy, fully fashioned, full-fashioned, curvy, sonsy, well-proportioned, built, junoesque, voluptuous, trim, sculptural, well-turned, busty.

Usage examples for shapely

  1. Canst thou look upon these temples, with their locks of silver crowned, And still deem thee young and shapely – Theocritus by Theocritus
  2. The Bishop swung round on the shapely leg in attendance, and in a single sweeping gesture blotted the last page of the letter he had been writing and shook Father Rowley by the hand. – The Altar Steps by Compton MacKenzie
  3. That's the sort of thing for me, says Madam, with a little flourish of her shapely hand. – Rossmoyne by Unknown