Synonyms for Relationship:


fling, flirtation, love affair, affair, romance, love life, courtship. interdependence, reconciliation, interrelationship, linkage, connect, chemistry, hookup, interconnection, relations, tie in, relation. connection (noun)
association, affinity, correlation, link, involvement.
connection; friendship (noun)
contact, affinity, homogeneity, bond, interconnection, link, interrelation, accord, kinship, analogy, interrelationship, tie, relativity, nearness, proportion, likeness, conjunction, association, alliance, relation, relevance, affair, appositeness, rapport, hookup, affiliation, dependence, correlation, marriage, similarity.
correspondence (noun)
friendship (noun)
interrelationship (noun)
junction (noun)
bond, annexation, juxtaposition, connection, jointure, synergy, abutment, affiliation, wedding, connectedness, branch, meeting, alliance, affixation, marriage, splice, junction, juncture, attachment, conjunction, adherence, adjacency, merger, amalgamation, coupling, consolidation.
rapport (noun)
relation (noun)
interconnection, hookup, similarity, tie, accord, interrelation, relativity, proportion, involvement, rapport, linkage, appositeness, likeness, nearness, homogeneity, blood tie, analogy, dependence, contact, relevance, interdependence.
relationship (noun)
family relationship, kinship, human relationship.
similarity (noun)
tie-in (noun)
tie in.

Other synonyms:

fling, courtship, love life, interconnection, rapport, reconciliation, tie, linkage, interrelationship. hookup, tie in, love affair, relativity, affair, flirtation. chemistry, romance. balance
Other relevant words:
homogeneity, analogy, chemistry, involvement, accord, dependence, interrelationship, similarity, kinship, hookup, linkage, reconciliation, contact, relation, interdependence, courtship, appositeness, rapport, interconnection, fling, family relationship, nearness, likeness, relations, affair, tie, love affair, relativity, connect, relevance, proportion, flirtation, human relationship, romance, interrelation.

Usage examples for relationship

  1. Who these were and the special nature of the relationship I shall be called upon to explain hereafter, but at present it will suffice to say that Alice Macleod gave great offence to all her friends by her marriage. – Can You Forgive Her? by Anthony Trollope
  2. But the relationship of these two is not certain. – Expositions of Holy Scripture Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus and Numbers by Alexander Maclaren
  3. It has been, continued Miss Quincey, a very peculiar, a very interesting relationship – Superseded by May Sinclair