Synonyms for Cramped:


congested, overcrowded (adjective)
crowded, tiny, confined, minute, narrow, close, incommodious, little, restricted, small, tight, uncomfortable.
limited (adjective)
little (adjective)
narrow (adjective)
confined, uncomfortable, narrow, crowded.


diminutive, slight, small, microscopic, midget, little, minute, discreet, tiny, minuscule. unsettling, tighten, strange, close, unnatural, snug, heavy, strained, crowded, tight, narrow, confining, claustrophobic, troubling. cramped (noun)


disabled (verb)
disabled, incapacitated, Tampered, crippled, Disarmed, enfeebled, Sapped, stunned, screwed up, Lamed, anesthetized, benumbed, vitiated, Abrogated, stupefied, weakened, dulled, paralyzed, impaired, Scotched, Hobbled, Hindered, neutralized, Prostrated, Hampered, deadened, botched, handicapped, undermined, invalidated, Hamstrung.
hindered (verb)
complicated, burdened, interrupted, Caught, blocked, frustrated, snarled, choked, baffled, tangled, Snagged, braked, constipated, delayed, checked, countered, fouled, stopped, inhibited, Resisted, Deterred, constrained, entangled, Bunged, Dragged, opposed, Stayed, Dammed, Detained, clogged, restrained, restricted, thwarted, barred, Crimped, curbed, mired, congested, encumbered, fettered, plugged, Entrapped, impeded, bottlenecked, obstructed, jammed.
pained (verb)
chafed, Racked, afflicted, inflamed, Smarted, Suffered, hurt, anguished, Discomforted, irritated, stitched, pained, tortured, Ached, agonized, distressed, tormented, Wrenched, stung, Throbbed.

Other synonyms:

little, uncomfortable, troubling, narrow. crowded. claustrophobic, strange, strained. unnatural, confining. snug. tight. heavy. confining
Other relevant words:
heavy, claustrophobic, close, tiny, midget, discreet, tighten, crowded, uncomfortable, confining, microscopic, narrow, unnatural, snug, small, confined, tight, diminutive, strange, slight, unsettling, little, troubling, minute, strained, minuscule, incommodious.

Usage examples for cramped

  1. Nevertheless, they did attack, while Grant himself was miles away from his army, and by the end of the first day's fighting, had succeeded in pushing the Union forces back upon the river, in a cramped and dangerous position. – American Men of Action by Burton E. Stevenson
  2. My position cramped me, my neck became stiff. – Who Goes There? by Blackwood Ketcham Benson
  3. But the cramped position was very uncomfortable, and Marjorie grew restless and longed for exercise. – Marjorie's Vacation by Carolyn Wells