Synonyms for Acute:


all (adjective)
critical (adjective)
climacteric, crucial, discriminating.
deeply perceptive (adjective)
intense, incisive, sharp, sensitive, judicious, penetrating, observant, piercing, discriminating, keen, clever.
extreme (adjective)
desperate, extreme.
having a sharp end or point (adjective)
acuminate, spiked, cuspidate, acicular, aciculate, pointed, cuspate, knifelike.
high (adjective)
shrieky, treble, shrilly, piping.
impressionable (adjective)
intelligent (adjective)
incisive, penetrating.
knifelike (adjective)
painful (adjective)
stinging, cutting, odious, annoying, Torturing., wrenching, agonizing, hurtful, arduous, sore, insufferable, anguishing, bitter, disagreeable, harrowing, inflaming, irritating, unbearable, bothersome, Besetting, offensive, throbbing, crushing, painful, Gnawing, grievous, stabbing, tormenting, Cramping, chafing, smarting, troublesome, biting, burdensome, horrendous, uncomfortable, cruel, miserable, piercing, Irksome, aching, oppressive, excruciating, aggravating, severe, unpleasant, grueling, distressful, woeful, trying, withering.
severe, intense (adjective)
stabbing, shooting, excruciating, cutting.
sharp (adjective)
sharp, barbed, Thistly, spiky, spear-like, bristly, spiked, acuate, needle-point, stabbing, needle-like, pointy, thorny, jagged, cutting, prickly, pointed, keen, spinous, spiny, sagittal, razor-edged.
shrill (adjective)
rasping, cutting, grating, shrieking, hoarse, penetrating, whining, screeching, treble, scratching, Caterwauling, jarring, strident, piercing, squealing, creaky, ear-piercing, scraping, whistling, reedy, squeaky, shrill, raucous, screaming, jangling, harsh, high-pitched.
very important (adjective)
decisive, dangerous, vital, urgent, desperate, serious, grave, severe, crucial, dire, critical.


cedilla, diacritic, tilde, umlaut, accent, dieresis, circumflex. probing, extreme, trenchant, careful, sensitive, awful. assail, kinaesthetic, sense, shooting, perception, assault, distinguish, sensation, big, perceive. shrieky, shrilly, piping, high. acute (noun)
discriminating, critical, penetrative, knifelike, keen, incisive, ague, acute accent, intense, penetrating, acuate, pointed, subacute, sharp, piercing, perceptive.
communication (noun)
acute accent, ague.
crucial (noun)
vital, urgent, pressing, crucial, serious, important, drastic, dangerous, grave, decisive, dire, desperate.
discerning (noun)
observant, sensitive.
shrewd (noun)
intelligent, clever, judicious.

Other synonyms:

extreme, crippling, sensation, assault, perception, accent. shooting, grave, trenchant. sensitive, sense, awful, advanced. dire. high.

Usage examples for acute

  1. Seeing it, a hope almost as acute as a disappointment sprang into his heart; he hoped it was from Marguerite, from whom he had had no news since he had been a prisoner. – Marguerite de Valois by Alexandre Dumas
  2. Once the acute symptoms of the attack itself manifest themselves, they have to be treated in any way that experience has shown will relieve the patient. – Health Through Will Power by James J. Walsh
  3. Is a white cow thought to give more milk, or a white dog to have a more acute scent in pursuing the game? – The History of Sandford and Merton by Thomas Day