Synonyms for Insalubrious:


all (adjective)
unhealthful, unhealthy.
unclean (adjective)
grubby, fetid, mucky, disgusting, crummy, unclean, odious, dingy, obscene, infectious, untidy, dirty, putrid, slovenly, murky, offensive, sloppy, toxic, defiled, scatological, impure, sordid, scruffy, festering, unhygenic, muddy, unsanitary, filthy, icky, foul, grimy, dusty, squalid, septic, grungy, shabby, smutty.
unhealthy (adjective)
toxic, unhealthy, infected, unsanitary, diseased, malignant, pathological, pestilent, unwholesome, noxious, septic, unhygienic, gangrenous, contagious, deadly, poisonous, contaminated.
unwholesome (adjective)
contaminated, toxic, poisonous, noxious, unhealthy, unsalutary, septic.


health, unsalutary. insalubrious (noun)
unwholesome, unhealthful, unhealthy.


dirty (verb)

Other synonyms:

unsalutary. Other relevant words:
health, unsalutary, unhealthful, messy.

Usage examples for insalubrious

  1. Its position was most insalubrious for the marshy swamps commenced at the very base of hills, and thus as it were encircled the savannahs with a belt of miasma. – A Peep into Toorkisthhan by Rollo Burslem