Synonyms for Heroic:


brave (adjective)
undaunted, gutsy, valorous, unafraid, defiant, intrepid, chivalrous, plucky, bold, hardy, courageous, gallant, Fortitudinous, stouthearted, confident, valiant, stalwart, dauntless, fearless, brave.
brave, champion (adjective)
grand, bold, epic, stouthearted, intrepid, dauntless, valiant, unafraid, courageous, undaunted, noble, gallant, fearless, gutsy, Gutty, valorous.
courageous (adjective)
valiant, spunky, bold, valorous, fearless, Stout-hearted, stout, brave, unafraid, intrepid, audacious, courageous, plucky.
generous (adjective)
manly (adjective)
noble (adjective)
imperial, imposing, aristocratic, royal, noble, courtly, sovereign, magisterial, knightly, great, grand, baronial, august, celebrated, lordly, ladylike, regal, patrician, stately, majestic, distinguished, queen-like, dignified, kingly, princely.
poetic (adjective)
lyric, epic, pastoral, idyllic, poetic.
virtuous (adjective)
guiltless, high-minded, angelical, upstanding, Taintless, decent, valorous, respectable, moral, good, faultless, clean, blameless, creditable, pure, noble, unsullied, uncorrupted, virtuous, righteous, ethical, worthy, estimable, honorable, unspotted.


driven, insistent, dedicated, sedulous, purposeful, motivated, persistent, ambitious, determined, competitive. gutsy, idol, wonder, folk hero, fear, hero, Fortitudinous, mettlesome, stout, Gutty, role model, golden boy, legend, guiding light, golden girl, game, heroine. mammoth, elephantine, giant, herculean, huge, colossal, jumbo, titanic, prodigious, Brobdingnagian, mighty, monstrous, Massy, massive, stupendous, monster, mountainous, cyclopean, mastodonic, gargantuan, immense, enormous, gigantic, walloping, monumental, Bunyanesque, Pythonic, vast, whopping, Gigantesque, behemoth. heroic (noun)
epic, big, brave, larger-than-life, grand, desperate, fearless, bold, large, impressive, courageous, heroical.

Other synonyms:

Fortitudinous, Gutty, mastodonic, cyclopean, gutsy, Pythonic, Bunyanesque, Massy, Gigantesque, Brobdingnagian, walloping. huge, titanic, vast, whopping, mettlesome, mountainous, enormous, immense, game, gargantuan, colossal, monumental, prodigious, gigantic, elephantine. stout, herculean, monstrous, stupendous. mighty, massive. monster. Other relevant words:
immense, herculean, elephantine, dedicated, mountainous, Gutty, game, enormous, fear, behemoth, Massy, heroine, wonder, colossal, ambitious, monstrous, competitive, massive, jumbo, larger-than-life, mammoth, cyclopean, stout, Brobdingnagian, persistent, mighty, sedulous, giant, mettlesome, gutsy, gigantic, monumental, driven, determined, idol, motivated, desperate, big, prodigious, vast, legend, monster, walloping, Bunyanesque, purposeful, insistent, whopping, mastodonic, huge, Pythonic, heroical, Fortitudinous, large, impressive, gargantuan, stupendous, hero, Gigantesque, titanic.

Usage examples for heroic

  1. He assured the nation day after day that their heroic army was making rapid progress. – The Soul of the War by Philip Gibbs
  2. " Those were heroic days," he says, quietly. – Acres of Diamonds by Russell H. Conwell
  3. Marko smiling, said: " Heroic Moor, dost thou strike in earnest or dost thou merely strike in jest?" – Hero Tales and Legends of the Serbians by Woislav M. Petrovitch