Synonyms for Stinging:


acid (adjective)
mordant, offensive.
knifelike (adjective)
painful (adjective)
distressful, scathing, sore, unpleasant, excruciating, smarting, acute, uncomfortable, chafing, mordant, disagreeable, piercing, irritating, bothersome, aching, bitter, unbearable, grueling, agonizing, miserable, inflaming, hurtful, arduous, woeful, oppressive, offensive, Gnawing, burning, anguishing, cutting, biting, Besetting, painful, wrenching, horrendous, throbbing, stabbing, Torturing., grievous, annoying, troublesome, withering, odious, Cramping, cruel, harrowing, aggravating, insufferable, Irksome, burdensome, crushing, tormenting, trying, severe.
sensation (adjective)
prickly, Crawly, titillating, itchy, tingly, smooth, creepy, rough, thrilling.
sharp (adjective)


truculent, slashing, scathing, resounding, corrosive, sound, respect, attack, outright, thorough, in depth, good, acerbic, total, astringent, pure, mordant, utter, vitriolic, mordacious, trenchant, unadulterated, acidic. angry, achy, burning, chronic, chapped, crippling, agonising, bad. heavy, unnatural, troubling, cramped, unsettling, strange, claustrophobic, strained, tight. sensation (noun)
roughness, Prickliness, titillation, itchiness, smoothness, crawling, Creepiness.
stinging (noun)
painful, unkind, sting, edged, prickling, cutting, tingling.


paining (verb)
racking, distressing, suffering, Discomforting, Afflicting, Paining, hurting, stitching.

Other synonyms:

astringent, mordacious, acidic. mordant, scathing, vitriolic, slashing, corrosive. trenchant, truculent. acerbic. caustic
Other relevant words:
cramped, resounding, achy, good, crippling, thorough, vitriolic, unsettling, attack, burning, edged, mordacious, acerbic, unnatural, slashing, in depth, respect, strained, mordant, acidic, troubling, astringent, tight, prickling, scathing, agonising, chapped, utter, heavy, unadulterated, sting, strange, sound, pure, chronic, outright, bad, corrosive, total, trenchant, truculent, unkind, claustrophobic, tingling, angry.

Usage examples for stinging

  1. At noon I was still walking, and kept on walking till I reached the bay shore, when a breeze came up, and drove the singing, stinging fairies back into the grass, and saved me. – Roof and Meadow by Dallas Lore Sharp