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dull - 582 results
blunt (verb)

desensitize, deaden, diminish, blunt, soften.

quiet (verb)

silence, muffle, turn down, quiet, deaden, still.

non-resonant (adjective)

dead, mute, damped, flat, non-resonant, silenced, deadened, muffled.

Other synonyms:

tiresome, downcast, depressed, burning, give, catch, stagnant, vague, dim, colors, tame, unhappy, razor-edged, matted, subdued, gradual, idiotic, unsaturated, irksome, left-handed, dimwitted, hackneyed, depressed, bright, repress, muted, wan, drear, tone down, unvarying, jejune, witless, wearying, cloy, well-known, agonizing, exciting, cut out, dimmed, moisten, stifle, vapid, addled, bovine, common, ancient, pitchy, out-of-date, moderate, resonant, wash, drudging, thumping, matt, lingering, blunted, barren, lacklustre, earthbound, mindless, grimy, dim-witted, unexciting, desolate, stale, uninteresting, bland, oafish, cumulus, break, obscure, dysphoric, trite, lowering, archaic, dunderheaded, inky, ability, soft, shadowy, lumpy, crippling, desiccate, pinheaded, nonprofit, anesthetic, frighten away, excite, wispy, flavorless, heavy, trivial, washy, muffled, stir, down, old, dampen, melancholy, blind, down, dejected, billow, barbed, arid, rusty, platitudinous, insensate, dirty, deadly, happy, sober, routine, melancholic, deep, stupid, dark, aseptic, weak-minded, plain, fascinating, downhearted, lunkheaded, placid, lustreless, bloodless, gormless, pedestrian, pastel, unhealthy, dulled, awareness, beclouded, birdbrained, nonresonant, increase, sooty, colorful, delaying, skew, clouded, prolix, double-edged, benumb, sharp, used, deadening, turned, wearing, off, thudding, scatterbrained, active, regular, simple-minded, dusky, jade, accustomed, drab, bass, non compos mentis, daunt, fatiguing, familiar, bad, matte, black, imbecilic, abused, cirrostratus, worn-out, sad, uninspired, influence, purblind, brain-dead, quieten, matter-of-fact, cloud, chapped, opaque, long-winded, witty, moronic, lively, usual, numb, murky, retarded, strangle, achy, dumb, die, lead to, broken, attitude, leaden, wooden, keen, dilatory, acute, unresponsive, muddy, two-edged, ho-hum, feelings, wordy, insensitive, stimulating, impenetrable, lackluster, stodgy, unimaginative, grip, low, sulky, pall, stuffy, tardy, low-pitched, grave, dun, cloudy, sordid, gray, procrastinating, loss-making, heavy-hearted, monochromatic, wistful, vacuous, soggy, sluggish, even, Grey, drown, prosy, spiritless, dismal, deliberate, deadened, verbose, uneventful, weak, underfunded, uninspiring, become flat, bubbleheaded, flat, decide, obtuse, fatuous, scare away, razor-sharp, conventional, hollow, hoary, repetitious, inactive, knuckleheaded, dispirited, cirrocumulus, windy, blunt, uncomprehending, jading, hazed, feeble-minded, dash, airheaded, half-witted, blue, speechless, silly, cirrus, repetitive, untapped, round, damp, boneheaded, weariful, overclouded, edgeless, hazy, monotonous, wearisome, cumulonimbus, boring, smother, muffle, gentle, dorky, frighten off, softened, color, thick, see, mind-numbing, not-for-profit, bleak, empty-headed, hushed, column, numbing, quiescent, pack a punch, tiring, quick, angry, lamebrain, lusterless, chronic, ordinary, dense, stock, inert, agonising, slack, low, stolid, serrated, slow, stereotyped, brainless, simple, uneconomic, dusty, spiritless, stuporous, antediluvian, ignorant, bonehead, plodding, stereotypical, desiccated, unreverberant, uneconomical, softheaded, blockheaded, block out, unintelligent, unsharpened, banal, square, tedious, humdrum, washed-out, shallow, chuckleheaded, well-worn, tristful, bank, silent, sterile, thickheaded, unprofitable, mat, plangent, dreary, weighted, light, mute, slow-witted, dawdling, backward, scare off, unsmart, scare, poky.

Examples of usage:

Oh yes, for it is so dull here. - "The Star-Gazers", George Manville Fenn.

But don't you find it a little dull? - "Captivating Mary Carstairs", Henry Sydnor Harrison.

Toto, though dull, had a certain rough common sense and pointed this out. - "The Heart of Rome", Francis Marion Crawford.

Similar words:

dully, duly, dulls.

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