Synonyms for Pleasing:


acceptable (adjective)
amusing (adjective)
playful, relaxing, beguiling, stimulating, diverting, frivolous, jocular, fun, hilarious, rollicking, charming, Light-hearted, recreational, merry, Distracting, amusing, enthralling, entertaining, delightful, jolly, refreshing.
artistic (adjective)
attractive (adjective)
beautiful (adjective)
gorgeous, bonny, refined, comely, elegant, polished, charming, belle, quaint, resplendent, attractive, flowerlike, graceful, dazzling, sightly, pretty, shapely, eye-filling, good-looking, stunning, becoming, fair, exquisite, enchanting, ornamental, sublime, splendid, handsome, picturesque, lovely, glamorous, beautiful, radiant, superb, finished.
nice (adjective)
enchanting, good, charming, welcome, favorable, amusing, pleasurable, grateful, delicious, satisfying, pleasant, agreeable, entertaining, attractive, congenial, delightful, sweet, enjoyable, gratifying.
pleasing (adjective)
amusing, enjoyable, delightful, entertaining, agreeable.
pleasurable (adjective)
agreeable, unobjectionable, jolly, entertaining, cheerful, bonny, bright, favorable, charming, delectable, enchanting, enjoyable, pleasurable, sunny, amusing, delightful, sweet, pleasant, enlivening, joyful, ambrosial, blissful, fine.
satisfying (adjective)
tasteful (adjective)


restful. life-affirming, pain, uplifting, heartwarming. grateful, nice, like, welcome, congenial. festive, happy, glad, joyous, cheery. amusement (noun)
charming (noun)
study at pleasant.
pleasing (noun)
easy, admirable, delightful, fab, delicious, favourable, sweet, favorable, ingratiating, good, gratifying, fabulous, rewarding, pleasureful, artistic, tasteful, charming, agreeable, in good taste, esthetic, aesthetic, appreciated, disarming, satisfying.


amusing (verb)
Delighting, lightening.
cheering (verb)
encouraging, consoling, cheering, Gladdening, heartening, inspiring, Brightening.
pleasing (verb)
gratifying, exhilarating.
suiting (verb)
serving, Dovetailing, suiting, benefiting, fitting, satisfying.

Other synonyms:

life-affirming, restful, uplifting, heartwarming. nice, joyous. festive, cheery. happy. good. encouraging
Other relevant words:
nice, rewarding, pleasureful, tasteful, joyous, grateful, restful, admirable, appreciated, glad, heartwarming, in good taste, delicious, aesthetic, fab, fabulous, easy, welcome, good, esthetic, cheery, congenial, like, favourable, ingratiating, happy, disarming, artistic, uplifting, pain, life-affirming, festive.

Usage examples for pleasing

  1. When you have read this, Barty, go straight to Riffrath, and see Julia if you can, and be to her as you have so often been to any women you wished to please, and who were not worth pleasing – The Martian by George Du Maurier
  2. A look, a gesture, an attitude, a tone of voice, all bear their parts in the great work of pleasing – Letters to His Son, 1749 by The Earl of Chesterfield