Synonyms for Brutish:


animal (adjective)
bestial, beastly, brute, earthy.
barbarous (adjective)
inhumane, rough, cruel, uncouth, rude, vulgar, monstrous, uncivilized, ferocious, uncivil, inhuman, brutal, barbaric, coarse, ruthless.
brutal (adjective)
carnal, savage, inhuman, ferocious, barbarous, ruthless, cruel, rude, gross, coarse, brutal, rough, bestial.
coarse (adjective)
crass, unrefined, indelicate, offensive, cheap, impolite, crude, raw, common, inelegant.
cruel (adjective)
hard, evil, hateful, unkind.
discourteous (adjective)
discourteous, rude, contemptuous, impertinent, ill-mannered, impolite, uncivilized, crude, barbarous, vulgar, coarse, caddish, brash, tactless, uncivil, uncouth, disrespectful.
ferocious (adjective)
fierce (adjective)
indelicate (adjective)
tasteless, brash, unbecoming, unseemly.
inelegant (adjective)
barbarous, boorish, tawdry, coarse, earthy, inelegant, tactless, gross, tasteless, clumsy, gawky, rude, undignified, unrefined, unpolished, awkward, graceless, raw, crude, uncivil, vulgar.
mindless (adjective)
silly, unintelligent, idiotic.
rude (adjective)
graceless, discourteous, impertinent, unpolished.
uncivilized (adjective)
ill-bred, philistine, disrespectful.
unthinking (adjective)
vulgar (adjective)
crude, homespun, idiomatic, rude, unbecoming, gaudy, cheap, depraved, common, barbaric, profane, inelegant, obscene, philistine, graceless, revolting, raw, low, sordid, rank, broad, unrefined, base, colloquial, repulsive, vulgar, brazen, indelicate, unseemly, boorish, outlandish, cockney, ill-bred, shameless, coarse-grained, gross, in bad taste, tactless, scandalous, degraded, animal, sleazy, garish, tasteless, coarse, clumsy, salty, glaring, earthy, ignominious, crass, undignified, chintzy, offensive, barnyard, ignoble, tawdry, unpolished, rough.


beastly (adverb)
base, gross, barbarous, boorish, low, carnal, depraved, animal, obscene, repulsive, degraded.


hateful, unkind, pitiless, monstrous, evil, awful, hard, uncharitable. idiotic, silly, thick, slow-witted, brainless, simple-minded, empty-headed, unintelligent, slow. brutish (noun)
bestial, beastly, brute, inhumane.

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Other relevant words:
brute, hard, unintelligent, pitiless, awful, inhumane, beastly, unkind, monstrous.

Usage examples for brutish

  1. If I am brutish and low, brutish and low I must remain. – Sermons on National Subjects by Charles Kingsley