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unmixed - 77 results
Examples of usage:

It is quite probable that the section of society which preferred its culture unmixed with religion resented the attitude of the second party even more than that of the first, because the second party belonged to their own social class, and this resentment may well have contributed to the ever- increasing hostility shown by many social leaders toward Handel. - "Handel", Edward J. Dent.

I have often envied your success in Paris; and there were times when this envy was not unmixed with hate. - "The Grey Cloak", Harold MacGrath.

The coffee though poor was hot, and while Ordway drank it, he listened with an attention not unmixed with sympathy to Mrs. Twine's continuous flow of speech. - "The Ancient Law", Ellen Glasgow.

Similar words:

unmoved, unmated, unmelted, unmerited, unmingled, unmanned, unmapped, unmarked, unmarred.

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