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scatterbrained - 66 results
Other synonyms:

stupid, ability, get/become lost (in something), mental block, spooky, flyaway, slip through the net/cracks, foolish, absentminded, goofy, lighthearted, something goes in one ear and out the other, frothy, dizzy, ditzy, light-headed, irresponsible, birdbrained, futile, head-in-the-clouds, nervous, block, irrational, gaga, featherbrained, absent-minded, rattlebrained, illogical, yeasty, forgetful, skittish, light-minded, giddy, empty-headed, abstracted, rattlepated, scatty, silly, oblivion, harebrained, giddy, senior moment, absent, puerile, flighty.

Examples of usage:

He is childless; and, since her illness several years ago, his wife, an untidy woman with beautiful eyes, has been scatterbrained and more trouble than use, a spender of his savings. - "A Poor Man's House", Stephen Sydney Reynolds.

She was much too scatterbrained. - "The Last Straw", William J. Smith.

But he was, Leoh found, a clumsy, chattering, whistling, scatterbrained, inexperienced bundle of noise and nerves. - "The Dueling Machine", Benjamin William Bova Myron R. Lewis.

Similar words:

scatterbrains, scatterbrain.

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