Synonyms for Gloomy:


bad (adjective)
discouraged, grim.
black (adjective)
depressing, depressive.
bleak (adjective)
drear, dark, hopeless.
cheerless (adjective)
dolorous, blue, uncomfortable.
cloudy (adjective)
crabby/crabbed (adjective)
irascible, cross, grouchy, cynical, unsociable, sour, fretful, petulant.
dark (adjective)
dusky, dismal, silhouetted, shaded, obscure, swarthy, shadowy, clouded, shady, somber, dark, inky, cloudy, dim, murky, darkened, umbrageous, dreary, sooty, black, lightless.
darkish (adjective)
dejected (adjective)
dispirited, moody, woeful, heartbroken, grim, joyless, wistful, melancholy, contemplative, lachrymose, overcome, dreary, pensive, depressed, anguished, disheartened, dejected, broody, discouraged, morose, anxious, glum, miserable, dolorous, blue, despondent, plaintive, sad, sullen, despairing, disconsolate, downhearted, mournful.
depressed (adjective)
dysphoric, tristful, despondent, melancholic.
depressing (adjective)
bleak, dispiriting.
discontent (adjective)
fed up, non-satisfied, despondent, discontent, anguished, displeased, ticked off, restless, malcontent, cross, uneasy, irreconcilable, sour, bored, frustrated, uncomfortable, joyless, ungratified, dissatisfied, miserable, exasperated, disgruntled, irritated, unhappy, dissident, wretched, disquieted, cheerless, teed off, disapproving, anxious, discomposed.
gloomy (adjective)
dispirited, dismal, melancholy, depressed, obscure, dejected, murky, broody, bleak, tenebrific, Moping, sulky, miserable, depressive, dreary, clouded, morose, dour, joyless, unhappy, cloudy, somber, cheerless, black, glum, dim, surly, downhearted, moody, pessimistic, sullen, desolate, dull, despondent, mournful, woeful, dusky, discouraging, disconsolate, forlorn, sad, saddening, dispiriting, drab, lightless, shadowy.
gray (adjective)
iron-gray, drab, pearly, dull, dingy, somber, gray, leaden, taupe, gun metal, battleship-gray, lead-gray, silvery, neutral-tint, grizzled, dreary, pearl-gray, dapple-gray, mousy, smoky, mole-gray, ashen, salt-and-pepper.
hopeless (adjective)
spiritless, cheerless, dejected, melancholy, desperate, despondent, anguished, bleak, depressed, downhearted, discouraged, glum, disheartened, dispirited, forlorn, hopeless, morose, pessimistic, despairing, miserable, black, dismal.
irritable (adjective)
sullen (adjective)
grumpy, unsociable, malevolent, crabby, mean, sullen, obstinate, Moping, contrary, frowning, long-faced, surly, dissociable, grouchy, cross, morose, ungenial, glum, dour, sulky, unfriendly, noncooperative, broody, cantankerous, dejected, beetle-browed, glowering, cynical, melancholy, dark, petulant, moody, hostile, scowling, uncooperative, grim, irascible, fretful, sour.


eerie, frightening, spooky, alarming, awesome, intimidating, chilling, menacing, scary. discouraging, negative, broken, fatalistic. hope. gloomy (noun)
disconsolate, dejected, drab, depressing, dark, gloomful, depressive, dismal, glooming, grim, glum, hopeless, drear, sad, dingy, uncheerful, saddening, cheerless, dispiriting, dreary, long-faced, blue, sorry.

Other synonyms:

homesick, fatalistic, tenebrific. subdued. negative. in low spirits
dysphoric, melancholic, heavy-hearted, tristful, desolate.
Other relevant words:
dispiriting, depressing, fatalistic, depressive, clouded, homesick, desolate, drear, melancholic, negative, menacing, saddening, gloomful, tenebrific, discouraging, tristful, uncheerful, chilling, dysphoric, glooming, sorry, alarming, heavy-hearted.

Usage examples for gloomy

  1. She had said to me once- only once, in a gloomy hour in London days when things were not going at all- that one really had to think him a very great man because if one didn't one would be rather ashamed of him. – Embarrassments by Henry James
  2. But I know he can't be well- with his gloomy opinions." – Their Silver Wedding Journey by William Dean Howells
  3. But during these weeks when I've been lying in bed I saw that it was my own fault for being so gloomy about everything. – The Captives by Hugh Walpole