Synonyms for Dejected:


crestfallen (adjective)
cast down, chapfallen.
dejected (adjective)
disheartened, lachrymose, morose, downhearted, anxious, plaintive, dolorous, melancholy, woeful, miserable, blue, dreary, depressed, despairing, disconsolate, mournful, moody, contemplative, overcome, discouraged, sad, despondent, heartbroken, gloomy, anguished, sullen, glum, wistful, dispirited, joyless, grim, pensive.
depressed (adjective)
dysphoric, spiritless, despondent, low, heavy-hearted, morose, low-spirited, melancholic, study at sad, cast down, tristful.
depressed, blue (adjective)
disheartened, down, broody, disconsolate, moody, downhearted, gloomy, down in the mouth, glum, Dampened, sad, low, crestfallen, cheerless, downcast, cast down, low-spirited, dismal, despondent, melancholy, morose, bleak, dispirited, discouraged, spiritless, miserable.
disappointed (adjective)
grief-stricken (adjective)
hopeless (adjective)
dismal, hopeless, dispirited, forlorn, disheartened, bleak, anguished, morose, glum, gloomy, despondent, downhearted, melancholy, miserable, desperate, spiritless, cheerless, discouraged, depressed, pessimistic, despairing.
sullen (adjective)
grumpy, fretful, hostile, melancholy, malevolent, broody, ungenial, irascible, sour, gloomy, cantankerous, sullen, mean, Moping, glowering, morose, frowning, scowling, obstinate, cross, grouchy, unsociable, petulant, sulky, unfriendly, dour, beetle-browed, crabby, grim, contrary, moody, glum, long-faced, dark, surly, noncooperative, dissociable, uncooperative, cynical.


fatalistic, negative, broken. dejected (noun)
deflated, down in the mouth, lonesome, dispirited, glum, down, chopfallen, low, downhearted, crestfallen, depressed, long-faced, amort, chapfallen, blue, low-spirited, downcast, gloomy, lonely.


dejected (verb)
Dampened, Dissuaded, Deterred, daunted, dismayed, disinclined.
wasted (verb)
sloped, Leaked, wasted, despoiled, Excreted.

Other synonyms:

fatalistic. broken. negative. in low spirits
dull, heavy-hearted, dysphoric, unhappy, melancholic, desolate, tristful, down.
Other relevant words:
desolate, chopfallen, down, chapfallen, deflated, crestfallen, down in the mouth, low-spirited, broken, heavy-hearted, lonely, melancholic, cast down, tristful, dull, dysphoric, downcast, unhappy, amort, low, lonesome, negative, fatalistic.

Usage examples for dejected

  1. Some entertain hopes that all this is not true, but it is a gloomy, dejected hope. – Nathan Hale by Jean Christie Root