Synonyms for Impaired:


disabled (adjective)
incapacitated, crippled.
injured (adjective)
injured, faulty (adjective)
broken, damaged, hurt, spoiled, harmed.


handicap, Developmental Disability, accessible, dumb, the blind, Challenged, ataxia, disablement, disability. impaired (noun)
dyslectic, anosmic, astigmatic, ametropic, dysfunctional, presbyopic, unfit, afflicted, lessened, visually impaired, dicky, dyslexic, weakened, dickey, diminished, broken, vitiated.


disabled (verb)
Hamstrung, dulled, Scotched, vitiated, neutralized, Prostrated, Abrogated, invalidated, crippled, handicapped, stupefied, stunned, Sapped, incapacitated, anesthetized, Disarmed, enfeebled, Hobbled, Lamed, disabled, botched, weakened, cramped, Hampered, paralyzed, Tampered, benumbed, screwed up, Hindered, undermined, deadened.
hindered (verb)
restrained, Caught, clogged, plugged, obstructed, fettered, Snagged, thwarted, Bunged, frustrated, constipated, entangled, Crimped, checked, braked, snarled, jammed, delayed, tangled, inhibited, Entrapped, congested, mired, curbed, complicated, encumbered, barred, opposed, burdened, Detained, impeded, fouled, Stayed, interrupted, Dragged, stopped, constrained, countered, Resisted, blocked, baffled, Dammed, bottlenecked, Deterred, choked, restricted.
injured (verb)
hurt, spoiled, damaged, harmed.

Other synonyms:

Other relevant words:
dysfunctional, dickey, dicky, damaged, lessened, diminished, handicap, anosmic, astigmatic, dyslectic, broken, ametropic, ataxia, harmed, Challenged, disability, presbyopic, unfit, hurt, disablement, dyslexic, dumb, spoiled, afflicted, accessible.

Usage examples for impaired

  1. I was just as tired and stiff with riding the last day as the first day when I started on the tour, besides having my health and strength essentially impaired – Travels in the Great Desert of Sahara, in the Years of 1845 and 1846 by James Richardson
  2. It seems that the fall damaged his eyes in some way; in fact he practically lost the sight of one- the right- from that moment; and, as that had been his good eye, the accident left his vision very much impaired – The Mystery of 31 New Inn by R. Austin Freeman
  3. But of late, whether from his impaired health or his broken fortunes, Vernon's follies had been less glaring. – Lucretia, Complete by Edward Bulwer-Lytton