Synonyms for Demoralized:


dispirited (adjective)
sad, unnerved, weakened, shaken.


demoralized (noun)
demoralised, disheartened, pessimistic, discouraged.
dispirited (noun)
weakened, beaten, unnerved, shaken, sad.


perverted (verb)
debased, debauched, Abased, desecrated, twisted, seduced, degraded, corrupted, vitiated, distorted, deformed, perverted, depraved, adulterated, warped.

Other synonyms:

Other relevant words:
weakened, sad, discouraged, demoralised, disheartened, unnerved, beaten, shaken, pessimistic.

Usage examples for demoralized

  1. At such times they constantly uttered shrill cries and appeared utterly demoralized – Out of Doors--California and Oregon by J. A. Graves
  2. I should like to see the Grays demoralized beaten, ready to sue for peace, the better to prove my point that we should ask only for what is ours and that our strength was only for the purpose of holding what is ours. – The Last Shot by Frederick Palmer