Synonyms for Stewed:


drunk (adjective)
inebriated, inebriate, intoxicated, besotted, tipsy, potted, plastered, sodden, crapulous, high as a kite, crapulent, tight, stoned, crocked, high, sloshed, drunk as a skunk.
looped (adjective)
high as a kite.
mixed (adjective)
hybrid, Concocted, Conglomerated, Melded, blended, compound, Mingled, Brewed, miscellaneous, merged, mixed, Infused, mongrel, combined, alloyed, Mashed, emulsion, amalgamated, composite.
plastered (adjective)
drunk as a skunk, plastered.
sodden (adjective)
tipsy (adjective)


intoxicated, deep-fried, besotted, al dente, loaded, inebriate, high, au naturel, blind, pixilated, boozy, potted, stoned, crapulent, bombed, cold, Breaded, crapulous, zonked, Boozed, tight, cockeyed, Drugs, Curried, stinko, Deviled, battered, crocked, sloshed, stinking, Half seas over, pickled, sodden, tipsy, soused, high as a kite, looped, drunk as a skunk, plastered, smashed, inebriated. insipid, sour, unpalatable, bad, tasteless, stale, rancid, bland, inedible, nasty. drunk (noun)
hungover, hard-drinking, alcoholic.


heated (verb)
fired, Singed, scorched, seared, barbecued, charred, heated, roasted, Simmered, boiled, toasted, warmed, baked, grilled, cooked, braised, fried, Sweltered, Parboiled, broiled, burned, poached, Scalded, parched.
mixed (verb)
intermixed, Decocted.

Other synonyms:

looped, crapulent, crocked, besotted, bombed, sloshed, stinko, boozy, plastered, soused, Boozed, potted, pickled, crapulous. smashed, zonked, inebriate, stoned, pixilated, tipsy, stinking, inebriated. sodden, intoxicated, cockeyed. loaded. blind. high. tight. Other relevant words:
intoxicated, high, potted, crapulous, plastered, loaded, soused, crapulent, inedible, pickled, stinking, boozy, bland, cockeyed, Boozed, besotted, cold, Drugs, rancid, battered, high as a kite, bombed, hungover, stinko, tasteless, sour, blind, tipsy, Breaded, hard-drinking, tight, inebriated, inebriate, crocked, sodden, sloshed, Curried, smashed, deep-fried, pixilated, looped, insipid, Deviled, zonked, alcoholic, stale, nasty, unpalatable, bad, stoned.

Usage examples for stewed

  1. If you meet with good success in the cooking of this receipt, you will often have stewed fish. – A Poetical Cook-Book by Maria J. Moss
  2. I stewed over what to tell the boss until Anita came back in. – Tinker's Dam by Joseph Tinker
  3. Anstey, speaking of the Bath physicians, says, " No one e'er viewed Any one of the medical gentlemen stewed – Domestic Manners of the Americans by Fanny Trollope