Synonyms for Abnormal:


different (adjective)
dissimilar, contradictory, unequal, unlike, divergent, heterogeneous, discordant, conflicting, differing, nonuniform, mismatched, contrary, unmatched, disparate, contrasting, varying, different, asymmetric, various, distinct, diverse, unalike, unusual.
different from standard or norm (adjective)
unusual, preternatural, odd, peculiar, funny, curious, strange, eccentric, uncommon, extraordinary, divergent, bizarre, atypical, irregular, anomalous, Anomalistic, exceptional, deviant, aberrant.
divergent (adjective)
exceptional (adjective)
unique, uncustomary.
irregular (adjective)
nonconforming (adjective)
different, odd, anomalous, peculiar, incongruous, mismatch, eccentric, deviant, oddball, misfit, un-ordinary, singular, strange, exceptional, crosspatch, off, quirky, unconventional, fey, extraordinary, incompatible, novel, funny, uncustomary, uncommon, improper, bizarre, unique, aberrant, irregular, out of the ordinary, nonconforming, untypical, outlandish, erratic, inconsistent, unusual, idiosyncratic, oddity, unfamiliar, deranged, crazy, freakish, divergent, atypical, curious.


offbeat, remarkable, notable, surprising, special, exotic. abnormal (noun)
exceptional, antidromic, perverted, vicarious, freakish, irregular, supernormal, subnormal, atypical, brachydactylous, immoderate, aberrant, defective, kinky, brachydactylic, deviant, anomalous.
strange (noun)
study atirregular.

Other synonyms:

Anomalistic, Atypic. preternatural. Other relevant words:
Anomalistic, supernormal, special, subnormal, preternatural, exotic, surprising, notable, vicarious, perverted, kinky, defective, brachydactylous, remarkable, brachydactylic, Atypic, offbeat, immoderate, antidromic.

Usage examples for abnormal

  1. Contrast as an absolute idea is often visualized during slightly abnormal mental phases. – Carnival by Compton Mackenzie
  2. The Christmas trade would not tell the tale, for that was always a time of abnormal business. – Fanny Herself by Edna Ferber
  3. Because we have had no war, because the long peace has been abnormal is the reason you have all this agitation and all these strikes. – The Last Shot by Frederick Palmer