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incomplete (adjective)

lacking, patchy, curtailed, sectional, deficient, unaccomplished, unattained, discontinuous, scanty, fragmentary, short, insufficient, unachieved, undone, unfinished, unsatisfactory, immature, unfulfilled, partial, embryonic, segmental, fractional, incomplete.

absent (adjective)

departed, void, truant, away, absent, no-show, empty, wanting, nonexistent, out, gone, vacant, abstract, lacking, elsewhere, omitted.

disappeared (verb)


lacking (verb)

needing, lacking, requiring, defaulting, wanting.

Other synonyms:

get, blackout, nonexistent, in absentia, absent, lost, black out, beleaguered, wanting, misplaced, unavailable, scatty, unattainable, belligerent, absentminded, battle cry, air cover, bombed-out, mislaid, aggressor, lacking, abstracted, active service, active duty, absence.

Examples of usage:

There were two missing." - "The Case of Richard Meynell", Mrs. Humphrey Ward.

As to which, do you happen to notice that one of our fellows is missing? - "The Triumph of Hilary Blachland", Bertram Mitford.

One of the animals bit the bob- cat, and now the creature's missing. - "Blake's Burden", Harold Bindloss.

Similar words:

missive, military mission, missis, surface-to-air missile, mistaking, mistily, mistiming, misprint, misstep, missioner.

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