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absence - 60 results
nonexistence (noun)

extinction, nothingness, nil.

Other synonyms:

excess, appearance, petit mal epilepsy, nonappearance, absence seizure, nonattendance, loss, poverty, need, needfulness, shortage, shortfall, cut, presence, deficiency, bankruptcy, absenteeism, dearth, inadequacy, deficit.

Examples of usage:

I regret his absence. - "Prison Memoirs of an Anarchist", Alexander Berkman.

I will take advantage of his absence and go to his room with it. - "Marguerite de Valois", Alexandre Dumas.

Mr. Mortimer still felt his father's death, and he regretted Valentine's absence more than he cared to confess. - "Fated to Be Free", Jean Ingelow.

Similar words:

simple absence, unauthorized absence, pure absence, leave of absence, absence without leave, absent, absently, abstinence, absinth.

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