Synonyms for Off:


dishonest (adjective)
erroneous (adjective)
inferior; spoiled (adjective)
sour, turned, poor, bad, unsatisfactory, slack, substandard.
insane (adjective)
loco, moonstruck, fruity.


all (adverb)
apart, away (adverb)
divergent, behind, Beside, ahead, removed, afar, far, beneath, above.


drop out, absence, audit, enrollment, entrance, absenteeism, Originated, attendance, enroll, Begun, initiated, attend. stale, insipid, unpalatable, inedible, unemployed, bland, tasteless, nasty, bad. sometime, like, This, Until, last, appreciate, all, when, Whenever, take pleasure in, then. wrong, mistaken, further, correct, inaccurate, erroneous, little, untrue, unsound, long-distance, all the way, long, fallacious, From, incorrect. insane, exterminate, non compos mentis, dotty, disordered, distraught, demented, lunatic, assassinate, gaga, maniac, mad, batty, touched, daft, cuckoo, screwy, sane, Daffy, nutty, take someone's life, nuts, bananas, mentally ill, loony, brainsick, maniacal, massacre, strangle, buggy, wacky, moonstruck, loco, bonkers, unbalanced, crackers, cracked, fruity, slaughter. put away, waste, help, rub out, knock off, wipe out, zap, surreal, weird, edgy, destroy, liquidate, do in, unreal. on sale, reduction, on offer, nosedive, special offer, discount, cash discount, twofer, concession. get out of, pull off, doff, peel off, disrobe, fling off, kick off, get. situated, fateful, be better/worse off, effectively, face to face, effective, undecided, paradise, circumstantial. Narcotics, o.d., dosage, Medicated, contraindication, dose, injection, drug. miserable, insufficient, in short/limited supply, inadequate, scant, tight, pitiful, meagre, not go far, derisory. be caught short, be broke, not have a pot to piss in, not have a penny to your name, be hurting, be well/badly off. crazy (noun)
mistaken (noun)
wrong, mistaken, confused, erring.
off (noun)
inactive, disconnected, unsatisfactory, cancelled, sour, soured, off-duty, forth, turned, away.

Other synonyms:

dosage, dotty, doff, fling off, bonkers, contraindication, twofer, loco, mentally ill, embark, cash discount, bananas, deplane, batty, crackers, Daffy, brainsick, special offer, fruity, disrobe. loony, distraught, gaga, reduction, erroneous, nuts, demented, inaccurate, Medicated, daft, maniacal, discount, peel off, cracked, unbalanced, nutty, screwy, non compos mentis, sluggish, mistaken, lunatic, wacky, zap, buggy, incorrect. moonstruck, drug, wrong, dose, touched, unsound, slack, insane, untrue, disordered. pull off, mad, fallacious, injection. kick off, board. down, destroy, get out of, slow, get on, concession. liquidate, catch. dull. waste. change. soft. kill
knock off.
rub out
rub out.

Usage examples for off

  1. Good night, then;" and Drysdale went off – Tom Brown at Oxford by Thomas Hughes
  2. " I had to get it off he said. – Love of Brothers by Katharine Tynan
  3. He put her off – The Bat by Avery Hopwood Mary Roberts Rinehart