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Requiring - 25 results
lacking (verb)

missing, lacking, needing, defaulting, wanting.

Other synonyms:

forcing, enjoining, urgent, exacting, calling for, involving.

Examples of usage:

On Sunday she went to a formal, dignified, self- satisfied church; she attended a Sunday- school where the teacher made the lesson interesting without requiring much from the girls; she spent the afternoon with a book, the piano, and the relatives and friends who came to call. - "The Girl and Her Religion", Margaret Slattery.

It will be again evident that literature is not a trade, but an art requiring peculiar powers and patient training. - "The Complete Essays of C. D. Warner", Charles Dudley Warner.

Burton then told with twinkling eyes a pitiful tale of how he, an unmarried man, had come all the way to Salt Lake City, requiring a wife, but had found no wives to be had, all the ladies having been snapped up by the Saints. - "The Life of Sir Richard Burton", Thomas Wright.

Similar words:

requisite, Requesting, requires, required, as required, require, requirement, requisites.

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