Synonyms for Abstracted:


bemused (adjective)
a million miles away.
inattentive (adjective)
preoccupied (adjective)
stolen (adjective)
Filched, plagiarized, Rustled, Extorted, Nipped, heisted, Swiped, Copped, Palmed, Fleeced, burglarized, embezzled, Pirated, Defrauded, Shanghaied, hijacked, Pocketed, lifted, Grabbed, Swindled, Pilfered, stolen, Robbed, plundered, shoplifted, looted, poached.


spaced-out, in a dream, neglectful, in a world of your own, vacantly, distant. apart, study at, separated. bemused, faraway, awareness, a million miles away, distrait, ability. absentminded (noun)
abstracted (noun)
inattentive, scatty, absentminded, separate, removed, absent.


left (verb)
Voided, evacuated, Omitted, emptied, left, Vacated, departed, Absented.
stole (verb)
Filched, Blackmailed, Fleeced, Defrauded, Palmed, Rustled, looted, stolen, poached, lifted, stole, Robbed, held up, Pocketed, Grabbed, embezzled, burglarized, heisted, Copped, Pilfered, Hauled, shoplifted, Swindled, Swiped, Pirated, plundered, mugged, Extorted, plagiarized, hijacked, Nipped.

Other synonyms:

bemused, spaced-out, distrait, neglectful, distant. faraway. absentminded

Usage examples for abstracted

  1. Abstracted from the world, they are apt to form a false estimate of themselves and of it, and to entertain exaggerated expectations from it. – The Idler in France by Marguerite Gardiner
  2. He saw that Field- Marshal Kalkreuth looked gloomy and abstracted and opposite him the chancellor of state, with burning cheeks and radiant eyes. – NAPOLEON AND BLUCHER by L. Muhlbach
  3. She, in the meantime grew pensive and abstracted and for a few moments we were both silent. – Vendetta A Story of One Forgotten by Marie Corelli