Synonyms for Defect:


Achilles' Heel, lack, shortage, deficit. frailty, dislodge, chase, foment, patch, blind spot, blindness, bring down, demonstrate, twist, blacklist, boycott, weakness, knot, gap, infirmity, unsoundness, agitate, weak point, failing, vice, sin, destabilize, foible, bug, seam. poverty, shortfall, excess, paucity, scarceness, insufficiency, scarcity, underage, scantiness, scantness. help, better, beautiful. renegade, rat, trust, turn, change sides, tergiversate, approach, apostatize. blemish (noun)
imperfection, scab, deformity, sore, rift, lesion, discoloration, impurity, spoilage, drawback, eyesore, abrasion, defacement, brand, stigma, blotch, disfigurement, weal, wart.
blemish, imperfection (noun)
failing, blot, mark, seam, rift, scratch, mistake, scar, speck, spot, blotch, sin, unsoundness, shortage, vice, patch, check, bug, knot, infirmity, frailty, scarcity, foible, fault, weak point, stain, deformity, kink, taint, drawback, deficiency, gap, flaw, error, discoloration, weakness, shortcoming, lack.
defect (noun)
shortcoming, desert, fault, flaw, blemish.
deformity (noun)
error (noun)
flaw, gaffe, Misjudgment, fault, error, misconstruction, aberration, blunder, fallacy, typo, inaccuracy, oversight, misestimation, distortion, falsehood, misconception, misprint, miscalculation, slip, mistake.
imperfection (noun)
deficiency, inadequacy, incompleteness, faultiness.
lack (noun)
shortage (noun)
underage, scarceness, scantness.
weakness (noun)
vice, foible.


abandon (verb)
relinquish, discontinue, abdicate, abandon, evacuate, forsake, surrender, resign, desert, leave, drop, vacate, quit.
blemish (verb)
discolor, abrade, kink, score, nick, scar, mar, notch, slit, speck, blemish, scuff, spot, scrape, stain, mark, blot, blister, hack, freckle, fleck, pockmark, dot, disfigure, taint, splotch, chip, gash, spoil, deface, check, fracture, distort, deform, damage, tarnish, scratch, hurt.
break from belief, faith (verb)
leave, change sides, desert, rat, tergiversate, renounce, turn, withdraw, forsake, quit, abandon, apostatize.
relinquish (verb)
forgo, waive, capitulate, disown, renounce, disclaim, shed, withdraw, give up, release.
renounce (verb)
deny, abnegate, betray, disavow, backslide, retract, cross.
social (verb)

Other synonyms:

bring down, apostatize, foment, destabilize, chase, agitate, insufficiency, scantiness, shortfall, boycott, blacklist, Achilles' Heel, scarceness, failing, scantness. shortage, dislodge, deficit, bug, lack, paucity, underage, tergiversate, demonstrate, poverty, frailty, weakness, scarcity. turn. leave
give up.
Other relevant words:
foment, deficit, infirmity, scantness, unsoundness, trust, scarceness, weakness, renegade, seam, insufficiency, approach, poverty, sin, rat, scantiness, gap, Achilles' Heel, excess, patch, shortcoming, destabilize, chase, twist, help, vice, tergiversate, lack, shortage, agitate, dislodge, better, knot, demonstrate, turn, frailty, beautiful, shortfall, underage, change sides, scarcity, apostatize, blindness, foible, paucity, boycott, blind spot, failing, blacklist, bug, weak point.

Usage examples for defect

  1. What is worse yet, his " defect is of distinct advantage to his son- in- law and daughter, who are his heirs, and for that reason should not find fault with him, even if they have to wait a little for their wedding. – Plays by August Strindberg, Second series by August Strindberg
  2. He elected to think for himself, and had the defect of this rare quality. – Herbert Spencer by J. Arthur Thomson