Synonyms for Brownie:


cake mix, cone, cheesecake, baking sheet, Christmas Cake, bun, chocolate chip cookie, cake, biscuit. eagle scout, the Brownies, the Cub Scouts, tenderfoot, jamboree, girl scout, boy scout, explorer, den-mother, scout, den, cub scout. brownie (noun)
gremlin, pixie, pixy, imp, elf, hob.
fairy (noun)
elf, spirit, pixie.
pagan deity (noun)
diana, zeus, pluto, hephaestus, poseidon, ares, thor, aphrodite, cupid, jupiter, helios, gaia, demeter, athena, hyperion, juno, mermaid, Nixie, wood nymph, gnome, troll, proserpina, sprite, artemis, eros, phoebus, banshee, mars, rhea, vulcan, hermes, cronus, venus, bacchus, saturn, Kronos, jove, pixie, deity, elf, gaea, hobgoblin, apollo, minerva, dryad, nike, ceres, nymph, nix, hear, persephone, dionysus.

Other synonyms:

cake mix, cub scout, eagle scout, boy scout, the Cub Scouts, baking sheet, girl scout, the Brownies, cake, den-mother, chocolate chip cookie. cheesecake, cone, biscuit, jamboree. scout. bun, den. Other relevant words:
cake, den, gremlin, biscuit, spirit, pixy, hob, scout, bun, imp, cheesecake.

Usage examples for brownie

  1. " No, I'm all right, Brownie – A Little Bush Maid by Mary Grant Bruce
  2. But as for going in a car for mere pleasure- not for Brownie – Back To Billabong by Mary Grant Bruce