Synonyms for Magnification:


magnify, glorification, exaltation, maximize, puff up, enlarge, scale up, swell, Laudation, religion, bulk out, Extolment, expand, distend, praise. celebration (noun)
expansion (noun)
distension, dilation, crescendo, engorgement, lengthening, broadening, stretching, swelling, widening, spreading, burgeoning, thickening, development, amplification, fattening.
increase (noun)
enlargement, inflation, expansion, multiplication, growth, increase, extension, elevation, increment, augmentation, accrual.
magnification (noun)
enlargement, overstatement, exaggeration.
praise (noun)
exaltation, enlargement, exaggeration, Extolment, overstatement, glorification, Laudation.

Other synonyms:

Extolment. glorification, Laudation. exaltation. praise. Other relevant words:
expand, exaltation, enlarge, glorification, maximize, distend, praise, religion, Extolment, overstatement, Laudation, swell, exaggeration, amplification, magnify.

Usage examples for magnification

  1. The visi- screen's useless against the invisibility of the asteroid; and the high magnification of this scope, with its resulting small field of view, will require us continually and methodically to search through a wide circle behind, in the attempt to pick up the asteroid, should it appear. – The Passing of Ku Sui by Anthony Gilmore