Synonyms for Impurity:


concentrate, substance, material, agent, stuff, medium, solid, powder, wax, matter. dirt, pollutant, filth, germ, contaminant. clean, unwholesomeness, defilement, pollution. adulterator, contaminator, contamination, poison, adulterant. adulteration (noun)
blemish (noun)
drawback, abrasion, pockmark, slit, hack, blot, mar, defect, eyesore, nick, damage, speck, scrape, dot, spot, kink, freckle, scar, scratch, splotch, lesion, spoilage, stain, blotch, mark, distortion, discoloration, stigma, sore, notch, imperfection, flaw, scab, rift, defacement, wart, fracture, blemish, disfigurement, weal, deformity, blister, gash, brand, fleck, score, hurt, fault, scuff, check, chip, tarnish.
contaminant (noun)
defilement, adulterant, pollutant, adulterator, filth, stain, pollution, contamination, contaminator, adulteration, dirt, uncleanness.
contamination (noun)
contamination, pollution, defilement, infection, adulteration.
filth (noun)
impurity (noun)
dross, impureness, slovenliness, uncleanliness, defectiveness, immorality, dirtiness.
lewdness (noun)
indecency, lewdness.
obscenity (noun)
pollution (noun)
uncleanness (noun)
filthiness, griminess, shabbiness, grubbiness, dinginess, murkiness, muddiness, smuttiness, untidiness, uncleanness, putridity, foulness, sloppiness, odiousness, Dustiness.


dirty (verb)
dirty, unhygienic, filthy, contaminated, unclean, grubby, squalid, messy, unsanitary, grimy.

Other synonyms:

contaminant, pollutant, unwholesomeness, contaminator, adulterant, lewdness, adulterator. defilement, indecency. contamination, pollution, poison. dirt
Other relevant words:
defilement, unwholesomeness, filth, adulterator, contaminant, dross, poison, pollutant, contamination, pollution, infection, adulterant, indecency, lewdness, adulteration, impureness, contaminator, dirt.

Usage examples for impurity

  1. Of the four sorts Sacchetti writes in one of his novels:- 'Knights of the Bath are made with the greatest ceremonies, and it behoves them to be bathed and washed of all impurity – Sketches and Studies in Italy and Greece, Vol III. by John Symonds
  2. The marriage system today is based on impurity on ignorance and on a big lie." – The Red Conspiracy by Joseph J. Mereto
  3. One part of impurity in a million is often sufficient. – The Nature of Animal Light by E. Newton Harvey