Synonyms for Impropriety:


discourtesy, nerve, presumption, effrontery, sass, cheek, vulgarity. unbecomingness, usual, unsuitableness, agree, unseemliness. indelicacy. bad taste, mistake (noun)
impudence, incongruity, indecency, unsuitability, indecorum, blunder, vulgarity, unseemliness, rudeness.
disrespect (noun)
disrespect, impudence, indignity, impertinence, insolence, disesteem, irreverence.
impropriety (noun)
encroachment, indecorousness, improperness, indecency, indecorum, unfitness, liberty, breach, Familiarity, inappropriateness, unsuitability.
inexpedience (noun)
delinquency, untimeliness, ineptness, inexpedience, inefficiency, inconvenience.
un (noun)
mliness, rudeness, blunder, error.
unconformity (noun)
exception, outlandishness, unfamiliarity, difference, abnormality, uniqueness, idiosyncrasy, deviation, inconsistency, anomaly, curiosity, oddity, divergence, incompatibility, strangeness, nonconformity, peculiarity, unconventionality, singularity, aberration, derangement, funniness, uncommonness, eccentricity, incongruity, aberrance, freakishness, quirkiness, irregularity.
vice (noun)
corruption, sinisterness, wickedness, evildoing, blameworthiness, vice, perversion, indecency, depravity, debasement, blackness, degeneration, perverseness, sinfulness, iniquitousness, obnoxiousness, Damnability, badness, immorality, reprehensibleness, sadism, sin, villainousness, feloniousness, criminality, debauchery, baseness.

Other synonyms:

effrontery, unsuitableness, unseemliness, discourtesy, unbecomingness. sass, vulgarity, presumption. cheek. nerve. impertinence
Other relevant words:
vulgarity, effrontery, indelicacy, presumption, unsuitableness, blunder, unbecomingness, unseemliness, liberty, Familiarity, indecorum, rudeness, cheek, discourtesy, error.

Usage examples for impropriety

  1. He did not look in the least annoyed because his daughter had refused to take the loan, nor had he shown the slightest feeling of any impropriety when there was a question as to her accepting it. – The Landleaguers by Anthony Trollope
  2. Two ladies may without any impropriety take each one arm of a single cavalier; but one lady cannot, with either grace or the sanction of custom take the arms of two gentlemen at the same time. – Routledge's Manual of Etiquette by George Routledge
  3. When the day of going to confess comes, instead of being sad and uneasy and bashful, as she used to be formerly, she feels pleased and delighted to have a new opportunity of conversing on those matters, without impropriety and sin to herself; for she is now fully persuaded that there is no impropriety no shame, no sin, nay, she believes, or tries to believe, that it is a good, honest, Christian, and godly thing to converse with her priest on those matters. – The Priest, The Woman And The Confessional by Father Chiniquy